Valya Balkanska: I’m tired of gossip

Valya Balkanska: I’m tired of gossip
Valya Balkanska: I’m tired of gossip
“I haven’t had COVID, God bless me.” These were the words spoken by the 81-year-old folk singer Valya Balkanska, about whom there were speculations that she had recently been vaccinated against the virus. The music legend flatly denied this and stated that he is not afraid of the infection. Valya spends the flu season in great health with help from above.

Of course, the singer sometimes catches a cold, but she copes with it without any problem and does not get seriously ill.

“God save me… tea, something warm at home, warm-ups and that’s how every cold goes away,” said Balkanska.

At the same time, the performer says that she is a constant victim of gossip and her health condition is often a target of speculators. “Now a rumor came out that I fell off the stage and that I broke my arm, and I was in Sofia yesterday,” the singer categorically stated. Valya is shocked that people are humiliating her in this way and that they are bothering those closest to her with lies about her.

“I’ll bear it! I know they’ve been ripping me off for a long time, but they don’t take stock of how many people they’re bothering,” shared the performer. “I’m healthy and I don’t think evil of anyone! I’m fine, I’m at home, I’m warm, there’s something to eat, I’m not asking anyone and I’m not complaining”.

But for the cosmic voice, people have wrongly worried about her, while there is a much more serious problem in the winter season. “Attention should be paid to people with low pensions! To those who have no opportunities,” the folk singer told “Bulgaria Dnes”.

Valya does not think about himself, but about the damaged. She herself feels in excellent health and is fully capable, in addition to taking care of herself, to fight off all the viruses during the flu season without a problem.

The singer does not use special medicines or anything different from our usual folk medicine, but she keeps herself safe from the cold simply by staying at home. “It’s still sunny, it’s good, clean, dry… What a winter this is,” the woman from Rhodope laughs.

A little earlier this month, Valya received the prestigious award “Hierodeacon Ignatius Vasil Levski”, which is awarded for spirituality, humanism and patriotism in Karlovo. The singer continues to perform her beloved folk songs, and Valya recently celebrated her 60th anniversary on stage.

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