‘Game of Thrones’ tree felling begins in Northern Ireland

‘Game of Thrones’ tree felling begins in Northern Ireland
‘Game of Thrones’ tree felling begins in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, an operation has begun to cut down several beech trees, made famous by the series “Game of Thrones”, reports BTA.

Six of them are planned to be removed.

The tunnel of trees in County Antrim became famous after it was featured in the HBO fantasy series, and now attracts a significant number of tourists from all over the world.

Concerns have been raised about the condition of several of the beech trees, and in recent years several have fallen during storms.

Even on Monday, when work began, the alley was visited by several foreign tourists.

Mervyn Storey of the tree care organization explained that two reports indicated that some of the plants should be removed for safety reasons.

“Although we would like these trees to remain forever, but the reality is letting us know, this work has to be done,” he said.

Storey said the trees appeared on Game of Thrones for eight seconds, but it changed the area forever. “It’s been a tourist attraction for the past few years,” explained Mervyn Storey.

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Local authorities said an independent survey by experts found 11 of the 86 trees were in poor condition and could pose a potential risk to the public.

Following discussion with the relevant landowners and other stakeholders, arrangements have been made to remove six of the trees while retaining the stumps and four trees will undergo specialist works to reduce the risk to the public.

The condition of one more tree will be assessed on site, DPA notes.

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