On this day, there is a reboot and additional programs of the future – Astro are updated

On this day, there is a reboot and additional programs of the future – Astro are updated
On this day, there is a reboot and additional programs of the future – Astro are updated

Half of the Moon’s disk is visible in the sky, the other remains in shadow. The moon looks like a pupil covered with an eyelid.

The Moon is in Pisces until 19:21 on November 22.

When the ruler of the night is in the sign of Pisces, everything is covered with a fog of magic. Dreaminess increases, the mysterious and mystical attracts us. It begins to weaken the ability of mental concentration, the thought hovers in the clouds, and the imagination from time to time tries to lure our consciousness into the world of illusions, so that any questions that require concreteness will hardly find their embodiment in reality. It is more appropriate to spend the time in active rest or devote yourself to art.

The soles of the feet are vulnerable. To reduce the use of liquids, including alcohol. Avoid medicines if possible and be careful with them. It should be known that now alcohol, cigarettes, medicines and drugs have a stronger influence than at other times.

With the Moon in Pisces, skin vulnerability and susceptibility to allergic and fungal diseases increases. Cancel the visit to the massage therapist if you had planned it. Procedures such as lymphatic drainage, spa treatments and stone therapy are prohibited. Anti-aging procedures, including hair removal and perming, are also not recommended.

The load on the liver sharply increases and the abuse of fluids in general and alcohol in particular – can cause harm, prevent the timely removal of end-metabolism products, salts, water and toxic compounds.

The Moon in Pisces suppresses the organs of smell, touch, sight and hearing and increases the load on the feet. Therefore, during this time it is good to reduce motor activity and, if possible, sit more, lie down, walk less.

Lunar calendar: lasts 8 lunar day until 14:05

An active day in which unforeseen events may occur. Change day. Time for a second chance, a second breath. You can revive the old projects, dress them in a new form. A day of transformation, alchemy and transfiguration. Unsolved and forgotten problems may arise on this day, they may remind themselves of old deeds, so it is important to be able to react quickly. You should not give them time to develop. For slower people, the weather is unfavorable, so they need to be a little more active.

It is undesirable to get angry and nervous on the eighth lunar day. Try not to raise your voice, not to get angry, not to offend. Do not allow negative emotions to arise in you. You need to keep calm. Avoid crowded places. Emotional tension can easily arise. Complete privacy is also not welcome. It is good to spend the day in a close circle of relatives, friends, people with similar understandings.

Next 9 lunar day from 14:05 on November 21 to 14:28 on November 22

A good time to solve everyday problems. Restraint, indifference, intolerance of other people’s shortcomings, suspiciousness and need for order can be observed in emotions. To limit contacts with other people and not to enter into arguments. Do not concentrate on gloomy thoughts, defeat them with the energy of love and forgiveness.

Your weaknesses may show, you may have health problems or a decline in vital energy. Now your organism is absolutely unprotected, as it adjusts to the new rhythms of the second lunar phase and is not ready for a serious load. Time for an energy turnaround.

The fact is that on the 9th lunar day there is a reboot, when additional programs of the future are updated. Hence, there can also be outbursts of negative thoughts, worries and fears, which can be greatly exaggerated. Your actions should also not spoil the mood of others, rudely violate their comfort, rights and needs, and if this happens, you should apologize in time.

Any cleansing procedures during this period are a step towards improving your relationships with the world around you and strengthening your self-worth. The most vulnerable today are the chest, abdominal area and organs of blood circulation. It is good to refrain from vigorous physical exercises, massage, visiting a sauna. Cleaning the premises physically and energetically is recommended.

On the ninth lunar day, it is good to refrain from sexual relations. Women should be very careful not to be raped, as men on this day are very prone to aggression and unbridled sexual desires.

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