A health problem ruined the recital of Sevdalina and Valentin Spasovi

A health problem ruined the recital of Sevdalina and Valentin Spasovi
A health problem ruined the recital of Sevdalina and Valentin Spasovi

The long-awaited recital of Sevdalina and Valentin Spasovi in ​​the summer theater in Sandanski did not take place. The reason is Sevdalina’s health problem.

The much-loved duo gained huge popularity the first time they stepped on the festival stage when they performed the enduring hit “Son, Son”.

It was the famous artists who were planned as the icing on the cake in the anniversary 30th edition, but this did not happen, and the news unpleasantly burned their fans.

The presenters Daniela Koleva and Niki Nikolov surprisingly announced that the audience favorites will not sing because of a health problem, without specifying what and to whom.

“Sevda’s sisters called me that they read somewhere that she fainted on stage during rehearsals, but that is not true, because she did not even make it to rehearsals. She did not feel well at night, she was sick in the morning, she had raised blood pressure. That’s why I left her at the hotel to rest, and I went to the rehearsal alone to tell the choreographer about the situation. We waited until the last moment for her to get better and at the last moment we canceled our participation in the recital,” he told “Telegraph” the composer and singer Valentin Spasov.

He shared that they had been in Sandanski since Friday, where Sevdalina Spasova first judged the Children’s Pirin Folk, and on Saturday evening she also judged the performance art competition.

“I can’t explain what happened. He felt good and that’s why we accepted the invitation. The situation was not as critical as at the beginning of the year, but it was obviously some kind of sign. We have new songs and ideas on how to realize them, and we had many invitations to appearances this summer, but we decided to postpone them until Sevda fully recovers,” the musician shared.

He also said that his wife did not go to the hospital, but only consulted a doctor.

“He needed to lie down, drink water and rest. Now he is recovering at home. It is unpleasant, but we have indulged in silence and rest,” added Spasov.

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