“Dragon’s Home” breaks records

“Dragon’s Home” breaks records
“Dragon’s Home” breaks records

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After the global phenomenon that Game of Thrones became, it was abundantly clear that whatever HBO tried to do with the world created by George R.R. Martin, there will be interest in him.

And there is definitely no shortage of such for “House of the Dragon”. It can’t be otherwise, given that the series takes us back about 200 years from our familiar Game of Thrones action to show us what happened to House Targaryen and their dragons.

We already know that the first episode’s strong start and ratings record has HBO and Warner considering a second season. After all, this is something we didn’t really doubt would happen. We understand from IndieWire that the second episode even surpassed the first.

The second episode increased its rating by 2% compared to the first, which means that on the day of its premiere it was watched by 10.2 million people. Or at least that’s what Nielsen’s initial data suggests. While the first episode gathered in front of the screens 9.986 million people in the first 24 hours of its release.

One week later, the premiere episode of “Home of the Dragon” has already been watched by 25 million people. We should clarify here that the statistics refer to the USA. There has also been an increase in Game of Thrones viewership, which means that fans have been swept up in a nostalgic wave and have been watching the old series.

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