Vasil Naydenov with shocking confessions – Gossip

Vasil Naydenov with shocking confessions – Gossip
Vasil Naydenov with shocking confessions – Gossip

Vasil Naydenov made many personal confessions about his family, which he either rarely did or avoided until now. The legendary singer shared on NOVA that he inherited his love of music from his mother, who was an opera singer.

“My mother was an opera singer. Conductors from the opera came to our parties. I watched. I absorbed. So I started playing, then I was a private student at the vocational high school. I was lucky that my classmate was Andrei Drenikov, brother of the famous pianist Ivan Drenikov. Because of such people, I learned to respect the hard work of serious musicians,” said Naydenov.

Ketsa doesn’t talk much about her father because she doesn’t have much to say. “I don’t know my father. He came one day to the circus, came to the dressing room and said: “I am your father!”. It is a sin to talk like that, but he did not raise me. I have forgiven him. My mother was a proud a person, a musician, and musicians are chalky – when we love – we love, when we hate – we hate.”

When asked why there are many people he has worked with over the years who agree that he is difficult to work with, Ketsa replied: “I am not difficult. One must understand arrangements, a little poetry, have taste – to know how to choose the song and recognize it, if it’s not for him. From that point of view, I’m difficult because I get mixed up in a lot of things. Otherwise, I’m not difficult”.

He had no choice but to express his opinion about the discussion about the quotas for more Bulgarian music on the national airwaves, especially about the statement of Itso Hazarda from the parliamentary rostrum that this is not necessary.

“The man ate bread from my song, with which at the time they, as a group, became somewhat famous. But this is a matter of perspective, of parliamentary positions, of which I do not understand much. With Bogdana (Bogdana Karadocheva, b.a.) we never joined the party because we were having fun. Otherwise, the whole core of the SDS were our friends, but we preferred not to become party workers, because one weighs in one’s place with what one does.

As for what is needed and what is not, the market itself will sort out what is needed and what has value. People aren’t that stupid, no matter what they’re told. If something doesn’t touch you, you don’t start it, it can’t be done. No nominations and awards work.”

From the beginning of the war in Ukraine to this day, Vasko Naydenov has not heard from his great friends Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov, but he expressed his opinion about what was happening.

“I haven’t heard from Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov since the war started. This war has changed a lot, things have become more extreme. Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s not those who create, regardless of which country, but ordinary people who suffer. There is nothing scarier than war, but this cynicism created by politicians is even more disgusting. We cannot go back to the Middle Ages in the 21st century…”.

What would I change if I could? Maybe I shouldn’t have been so emotional. Sometimes we more emotional people throw unnecessary energy. A person should be more philosophical, more practical towards himself, writes

Teodora Pavlova


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