The new King Richard III once wished he was a tampon

The new King Richard III once wished he was a tampon
The new King Richard III once wished he was a tampon

There are endless PR dithyrambs about how the new monarch of the United Kingdom would be able to take over the crown from the beloved Elizabeth II. This is simply impossible, as her wind-loving first-born son had once wished to be a tampon in his lover Camilla’s private parts.

The year is 1989 and the then Crown Prince was happily married to Lady Diana. One of the grandfathers of today’s hackers had managed to record the phone conversation between the two supreme lovers, which appeared with a transcription and an audio version in People. But the kompromat saw the light of day only in 1993, a few months after the divorce of Charles and Diana. Then the so-called “tampongate” scandal broke out, which disgusted even the staunchest monarchists.

It took 30 years for history to be swept under the carpet and the frivolous rants of the new king to sink into willful oblivion. Three decades during which the royal publicists could powder the image of the new monarch beyond recognition.

In 1989, both Camilla and Charles were married and had an extramarital affair. They get on the phone to set up a rendezvous at the love nest in Bowood. Charles whispers to Camilla that he wants to be in intimate contact with her all the time. She fooled him:

— Maybe you want to change into my panties?

– What’s more, I want to be your TAMPAX

– You are a complete idiot! But actually the idea is wonderful!

These are the secrets of Charles III and wife consort Camilla that everyone will wish they could forget. But they, in addition to Diana, mortally wounded Elizabeth II, who had to swallow all this shame. And to ask herself if her son is okay.

When The Crown was to be filmed, actor Josh O’Connor agreed to play Prince Charles only on the condition that the series would not include a Tampongate episode. Because Josh didn’t want his mother to be ashamed of him when she watches him on the small screen. And the naughty story of the Prince of Wales was not included in the script.

In that line of thinking, Prince William was far more worthy of filling the void left by the passing of Elizabeth II, Her Majesty.

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