From “rare stupidity” to “laughter with tears”

From “rare stupidity” to “laughter with tears”
From “rare stupidity” to “laughter with tears”
A new funny show by the comedian Dimitar Rachkov has started. It is called “With Rachkov, everything is possible”. In it, the presenter puts eight Bulgarian stars in funny challenges. The presenters of “Stars in Us” – Maria Ignatova and Nencho Balabanov, Kalin Vrachanski, Gerasim Georgiev – Gero, Borislav Zahariev – Bobby Turboto, Elen Koleva, Elena Atanasova and the legendary Yordan Yovchev – are taking part in the first challenges.

Reviews of the first issue of the show on social media have been mixed.

“I looked, I looked, and I changed the channel. A very tortured comedy show.”

“From start to finish I laughed my heart out with tears, big laugh, big show! You are unique!”

“Totally annoying. I look at them, they are bursting with laughter, and I look with an expressionless face. If they invite actors other than Nencho and Maria Ignatova, it might be better. It’s both a new show and I have the overall feeling of something that I’ve been watching for years and it’s worn off.”

“Such stupidity is rare.”

“I really liked it, I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. I don’t mind that the participants are famous. I hope it’s fun next time.”

“I’m not a big fan of Rachkov, but I also laughed a lot. Yes, the guests are worn out, but at least they were in the tone of the show.”

“RACHKOV is unique, always fun with him! Great start, keep up the good work!!!!! Had tears in my eyes laughing”

“The purpose of this show is for you to come together on a Saturday night and have fun like we have fun in the studio. We make this show with a lot of love, with all our energy and with a lot of desire and I hope it works and the viewers laugh a lot Dimitar Rachkov shared about his show.

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