6 years ago he got on the big stage, now he is there again

6 years ago he got on the big stage, now he is there again
6 years ago he got on the big stage, now he is there again

“Voice of Bulgaria” turns out to be the storybook for one of the biggest talents who stepped on the stage of the musical reality show. If her participation in the format is marked with success, the young hope will remain to study and develop in her homeland. If he fails, he will go to study abroad.

Jacqueline Taracci, 18, impressed the judges, audience and viewers with her performance in the second episode of the show last Sunday and was chosen to join Dara’s team.

Tomorrow, Jacqueline will cross the threshold of the high school where she studies for the last time. The charming performer will be a senior in the spring and her dream is to continue her education in the field of psychology, which is her passion.

“I want both music and psychology to be constantly present in my life. I believe that I have the strength to reach the final of the show and be the winner, I will do my best,” Tarakchi, who is half, told “Bulgaria Today” Bulgarian and half Armenian.

“My dream is to look back in time in a few years and see that I have created art that heals souls,” says Jacqueline.

Thanks to her training with the vocal teacher Iskra Milkova, the young singer won many awards and became a semi-finalist in the famous TV show Pinkove izrcije in Serbia. In 2016, Jacqueline became a finalist in Bulgaria’s Got Talent after Mihaela Fileva chose to press a golden button and declare her a discovery. In July 2020, Tarakchi released his first solo song – “Cocoa”.

With tears in her eyes, the performer thanked Michaela for her support on Sunday evening, which the pop singer testified in a special video before her performance on the stage of “The Voice of Bulgaria”. And her emotionality and charisma touched the viewers.

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