Queen Camilla breaks Elizabethan tradition. The court ladies in shock

Queen Camilla breaks Elizabethan tradition. The court ladies in shock
Queen Camilla breaks Elizabethan tradition. The court ladies in shock

It appears that Britain’s Queen Consort Camilla will break with a centuries-old tradition beloved by the late Elizabeth II. In this way, Camilla thinks she will modernize the monarchy. This was stated by Marlene Koenig, a historian who has studied the royal family for several years, as quoted by The Mirror and Blitz.

According to him, with the rule of Camilla, the end of the so-called “court ladies” will come.

Queen Elizabeth II’s loyal ladies-in-waiting wore black dresses and hats as they performed their final duty to the late monarch at the funeral procession on Wednesday. The women who were by Her Majesty’s side for more than 60 years became more than just royal staff – they were close companions and trusted friends.

Queen Elizabeth II has personally selected her tight-knit team of dedicated women to help her with the day-to-day demands of being a monarch. Some chose her outfits, helped her bathe and dress, while others tended to the Queen’s busy schedule and official engagements, organized private family events and handled everything else.

Following Her Majesty’s death, several of the ladies-in-waiting are expected to retire soon as they reach their 80s, but they wanted to remain serving Queen Elizabeth II until the very end.

As Camilla adjusts to her new role as Queen Consort, it looks like the former Duchess of Cornwall will be doing things differently to her mother-in-law.

It is predicted that she will choose to completely dispense with the services of ladies-in-waiting in a bid to modernize the monarchy.

“It appears that Queen Camilla will not use ladies-in-waiting as the Queen did. Even as the Duchess of Cornwall, Camina never had an official lady-in-waiting.

There was a former secretary – Angela McManus, who acted as a lady-in-waiting, but was not officially named as such,” explained Marlene Koenig.

However, Queen Elizabeth appointed nine ladies-in-waiting from 1953 to 2017, who were mostly “women from aristocratic families”.

Historically, ladies-in-waiting were unpaid and could not leave or retire from the position, so they were committed to serving the queen throughout her life.

Both Camilla and Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, were given the choice to appoint their own ladies-in-waiting after marrying into the royal family, but neither did.

This is in stark contrast to royal women before, who all used ladies-in-waiting. Examples include the late Princess Diana, Princess Alexandra and the Duchess of Gloucester.

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