Will you give her 42 years?

Will you give her 42 years?
Will you give her 42 years?

Liliana Valentinova Popova, better known as Liyana, is a pop folk singer. She was born on September 12, 1980 in Sofia. He released his first album only at the age of 14 together with his father, the composer Valentin Popov. The album is called “Pirinsky Visions” and includes entirely folk songs. The singer has three more solo albums in her career: “Heart of Stone”, “Platinum Woman” and “Like a Witch”. Here is what she shared with “Bulgaria Dnes”:

– Liana, what’s new around you?

– I decided to restart my career. The music I make is the music I like. I decided to be 100 percent myself in my songs, in emotions and expression. Not caring what people will say or if it will bring me income. My daughter Denise is a second-year journalism student at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She is fulfilling a dream of mine. I started singing from a very young age, and I was pregnant with her at her age. Denise had excellent matriculation results and had the opportunity to choose majors that people fight tooth and nail for. We stopped at journalism. I believe she will become a good, objective, strong journalist.

– Do you live with her?

– We don’t live together, but we are close to each other. I have complete confidence in her and have left her alone to manage her household, to form habits that will strengthen her character and teach her to be responsible. At her age, I worked and supported my family while I was pregnant. She has the privilege of studying and doing nothing else. I really like studying and high grades.

– Your latest song came out recently, how is it going?

– I played the song “Bravo, bravo” two months ago – at no time, because people were on vacation, but I only follow my impulses and mood. I don’t care how many views it will have, nor whether it will be in the pubs. Still, the song garnered quite a few views.

– Do women recognize themselves in your songs?

– I created my trend. People know that when I release something, it will either be part of my story or a retold incident of a loved one. Most people find a little bit of themselves in the music I make. They won’t go crazy on my song, but it will either bring back a memory or touch their heart.

– Do many people contact you for advice?

– A lot! Many people write to me and address me as a friend – as a person who can give them some answer to what torments and excites them – like a psychologist! I am often asked how to gather courage, escape from a pathological relationship and start over. I try to answer everyone, but there are so many questions that sometimes I don’t succeed.

– You have a huge audience of followers. Do you run sponsored posts often?

– My Instagram is not advertising. I don’t want to lie and mislead people who follow me. Many little girls are misled by advertisements, learn to use various medicines and all kinds of rubbish that are advertised by people they like, and at some point their health goes to the movies. I’m not against influencers, but I care about the truth of the information.

I try to give faith to all girls that they should not put themselves in frames and limit themselves. Just because we turn 30, 40, 50 or older doesn’t mean life stops. We can be young-spirited and look better than we did at 20, and we can be relevant in a wonderful way even at an age when most people call it quits!

I want the Bulgarian woman to be a little more self-confident, to have more self-esteem and to know that even without cosmetic procedures and surgeries, she can look good. Never compare yourself to others. Youth is beautiful, but truly beautiful are those who preserve their soul and make efforts for their health, because health rewards us by giving us a beautiful appearance, and that’s exactly what I want to show.

– What is your recipe for good looks?

– A healthy lifestyle is the most long-term investment. My sports ground is the forest, my vitamins and detox are healthy food, and the fact that my soul always stayed there somewhere around 20. This is my recipe for girls.

– What are your best moments in recent years?

– The emotions I feel around my daughter. Her birthday, her successes, everything around her is my victory. I can’t be so happy about anything else. I know that I have certainly done well in at least one thing in my life. I can’t rate anything else.

– How do you manage to keep the whole family so close?

– This is the thing that our grandmother, may God forgive her, left us as a testament. We grew up in a family cooperative in Sofia – me, my sister, Koceto and Svetlja, my cousins. All families lived together and there was no division with us. We are all a complete whole, and grandmother raised us in such a way that at no time should we turn our backs on others. Our connection is inexplicable to many people. Unfortunately, few people are brought up with such love for their loved ones, and to this day, if we don’t hear from each other 10-15 times a day, it wouldn’t be a normal day for me. My friends and environment are my family. God grant that our children love each other like this.

– What is happening with you personally?

– At the moment, my personal life is very calm. All that my heart longed for, and all that I thought impossible to experience in this day and age, I now have. If a person really believes in something, God gives it to him!

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