They are changing the tactics of searching for the missing Emil Boev

They are changing the tactics of searching for the missing Emil Boev
They are changing the tactics of searching for the missing Emil Boev

Sixth day without a trace of Emil Boev, who disappeared during “Surva”. Authorities and volunteers are changing tactics in the search for the young man, who was last seen on the night of January 28-29.

The last conversation with 25-year-old Emil Boev was at 03:00 in the morning in Pernik. He talked to his friend, but left upset and affected. From that moment on, the question of where he might have gone is answered by a recording from a camera, which shows that Emil, who was returned about 4 hours ago, is in the area of ​​a farm on the edge of the city, BNT reported.

In Pernik or outside the city?

From the first day of the search until now, relatives have reviewed hundreds of cameras. According to Martin, the probability that Emil is out of town is getting smaller and smaller, since the search operation in the vicinity of Pernik has not yielded results. During the last 5 days, both volunteers and professionals from the police and fire department joined the search. Thermodrones were used. Divers entered the rivers and lakes, but no trace of Emil was found.

“We have personally covered at least 3 square kilometers around the villa, and quite a few routes beyond, in this period of the last 4 days. From now on, we will search around the city, because we have evidence that there is every chance that he is in Pernik. After a thorough and numerous glances over the recording from the ranch in the forest shows that Emil has a great chance to go down, back to the city,” says his brother Martin Boev.

Change of tactics

Today, the relatives and all the volunteers in the action are changing their search tactics:

“We are appealing to the people of Pernik – to help us in the search, as we start looking for Emil in every block, including the basements. We are only searching between 10 am and 10 pm so as not to disturb people at night. We are accompanied by teams of the police and the fire department,” says Martin.

All searches in the apartment blocks and houses will take place under the direction of the police. This was confirmed by the mayor of Pernik, Stanislav Vladimirov:

“The police are leading in this search and it is recommended that citizens cooperate only if they see that there is a representative of the law enforcement agencies in the search team,” advised the mayor of Pernik

Call for volunteers

On his Facebook page, Martin Boev published a special instruction, with which he warns everyone who wants to join the search, how to help without putting themselves in danger.

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