Ukraine asked Bulgaria to give its MiG-29s

Ukraine asked Bulgaria to give its MiG-29s
Ukraine asked Bulgaria to give its MiG-29s

Ukraine is encouraging Bulgaria to also give its MiG-29 jets, after Poland and Slovakia gave some. This was stated by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Yuriy Sak v interview for BNT.

According to him, Ukraine, which is preparing for its spring offensive, needs to strengthen its Air Force, which provides air cover for ground operations. The Ukrainian armed forces are fighting heavily in Bakhmut and Avdeevka, where every day, he says, they are killing between 900 and 1,000 Russian soldiers, who are being used by Russia’s armed forces as “cannon fodder”, he said.

He admitted that Ukrainians also make sacrifices. The issue of aircraft, he said, is similar to that of tanks when the country first requested heavy weapons from its allies last year. Gradually, Sack explained, the Allies began to transfer Soviet-type tanks to Western-style weapons.

At the moment, our country relies only on the Soviet MiG-29, of which no more than 7-8 aircraft can be constantly used at the same time. If it does not now find engines for its outdated MiG-29s, their resource can be extended until the end of 2023 at most. The first F-16 fighters are expected in 2025, and within about two years Bulgaria would remain without fighter aircraft.

The Ministry of Defense announced an order for the purchase of 6 reconditioned engines for the MiG-29 of the Bulgarian Air Force for BGN 26.4 million. This is clear from the Public Procurement Register. It is possible to participate for both Bulgarian and foreign companies, and such


Meanwhile, it became clear that Poland and Slovakia will jointly deliver 33 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. The announcement came from the Ministry of War in Warsaw. Poland will give 20 planes and Slovakia – 13.

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