Bulgaria does not need more covid vaccines – Health – News

Bulgaria does not need more covid vaccines – Health – News
Bulgaria does not need more covid vaccines – Health – News

Bulgaria does not need more vaccines against COVID-19. Therefore, our country insists on the termination of the contract with Pfizer or a drastic reduction of the quantities, and that the payment be made after delivery. This position was expressed by the Minister of Health in Brussels. Another 7 million doses of vaccines are expected to be delivered to our country by the middle of the year. And from now on, it is clear that they should also be scrapped.

Dr. Mindov administered the last vaccine against COVID-19 at the end of last summer.
“And that’s the end of it… from then on, we had no requests or inquiries,” said Dr. Georgi Mindov.

He explains the lack of interest by the abolition of all anti-epidemic measures, the milder course of illness and the lack of complications from the virus that changed the world 3 years ago.

“The question is why throw them away. Unfortunately, no one predicted this production a year or two ahead… there is no way to predict how the pandemic will develop – whether we will end up with 38 thousand or 138 thousand dead,” said Dr. Mindov.

According to Dr. Miroslav Nenkov, the available quantities show the responsibility of the rulers. “If the authorities had not bought vaccines, there would be cries to God, why are there no vaccines, as there was such a period, now that there are vaccines left … this is not serious. The authorities took care, the people didn’t take advantage – that’s the problem! You can’t force it,” said Dr. Nenkov.

About 2.5 million doses have been discarded so far, and another 2.8 million are to be added this year. According to Health Minister Asen Medzhidiev, the contract should be terminated or revised. “If this contract, which I call insane, continues, we should receive another 7 million, in addition to paying, we should also pay for scrapping them,” said Dr. Medzhidiev.

The money in the wind will be for millions of euros, adds the health department. “The EC should sit at the negotiating table, renegotiate these conditions. For Bulgaria, the necessary quantities are exactly 0”, said the Minister of Health and recalled that when the negotiations for the delivery of vaccines were conducted, 5 member states were selected, but Bulgaria was not among them.

“What is most unacceptable to me is that the doses that were then determined to be received by the various countries were determined based on the number of the population, without Bulgaria having a say in how much it needs! Hungary, for example, initially withdrew from this agreement, then joined and renegotiated. So for some countries it is possible, for others not”, said Dr. Asen Medzhidiev, quoted by Nova TV.

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