Galab Donev pours lies and hatred!

Galab Donev pours lies and hatred!
Galab Donev pours lies and hatred!

The caretaker prime minister started pitting some social groups against others

Sofia, Bulgaria18 March 2023, 20:52 2638 read 0 comments

Radev’s acting prime minister has been going around the media all day spewing lies and hatred. They created a crisis, denied it, and now they are most brazenly projecting it onto society. They are already hitting the wholesalers – businesses, consumers, the socially weak, the parties, the National Bank…

Three days ago, with a report prepared at a meeting in the presidency, they almost brought the country to the brink of panic and the banking system to collapse.

We were close. It is good that responsible party leaders, almost all our economists, financial commentators, journalists, the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) stood as one and calmed the people down after the madness of the officials. Admirations! The moment was critical!

Today, Radev’s acting prime minister showed continued insolence on television regarding the proposals submitted by the official cabinet to cut costs and collect additional revenues. Donev began to incite some social groups against others.

His statement was the worst: that business’s indignation should be transferred to politicians, parties and people’s representatives. Ninth month of uncontrolled power and refusal to introduce the state budget in the last parliament! An eye for a textbook.

For the second year, they pretend to be a God-anointed caste and pour hatred on the party system. Otherwise, their corrupt government does not interfere in this campaign at all. Isn’t it already clear that the parties, the political class, the parliament are standing in their way.

But that’s not enough for them – they began to demonize businesses, citizens, trade unions, the National Bank… Divide, beat, crush, blame others, run away from responsibility!

These are already clear characteristics of fascist power. Categorically. And it is detrimental to the state and society.

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