The longest journey. The first round of the earth

The longest journey. The first round of the earth
The longest journey. The first round of the earth

Within the framework of the Month of Spain in Kardzhali and as part of the “Multicultural City” program, the commemorative exhibition “The longest journey. The First Tour of the Earth”/ La exposiciónón commemorativa “El Viaje Más Largo. La Primera Vuelta Al Mundo’. What is the story of this trip? On August 10, 1519, 239 men set off from Seville with 5 ships on an expedition led by Fernando Magellan. They cross three oceans – the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian – a long and almost incredible journey. Three years later, 18 men and a single ship led by Juan Sebastián Elcano returned from the first circumnavigation, but the history of seafaring is forever energized to meet even the greatest challenges.

Let’s not forget that among the long-timers is Capt. born in Kardzhali on June 4, 1930. Georgi Georgiev, who circumnavigated the Earth in 201 days, 21 hours and 36 minutes by yacht in 1977, an unheard-of achievement until then, and he is also the only navigator who managed to cross the Great Depression region of the Pacific Ocean during the most unfavorable time of year.

The exhibition “The longest journey…” contains 15 compositions with photos and information measuring 1.00 x 2.10 m. It is one of the three guest exhibitions for the Month of Spain in Kardzhali and on Friday, May 26, it will be visited by delegation from the Embassy of Spain in Bulgaria and the Cervantes Institute in Sofia.

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