A bus with passengers fell into a hole in Sliven


A bus with passengers fell into a hole in the water cycle in Sliven. No one was injured in the accident in Rechitsa district, but for the third year, people have been living in mud and dug-up streets that are impassable.

After bTV announced to ViK that there would be a report, employees of the company worked until very late in the evening.

Residents complained they couldn’t get to work and had to leave half a block early to cross the street.

The plumbing gave an explanation to the gathered people. “The control functions are performed by the company “Nadzor”, which performs the supervision. At the moment, two projects are underway in the neighborhood,” said Engineer Kurtev from the Water and Sewerage Department.

“Things will not work out like this in the future. The control will be strengthened on our side, we will seek responsibility of the company “Nadzor”, said Engineer Kurtev.

“We are implementing two projects in the Rechitsa district. Very difficult for the working conditions, the water pipes are very old, which are compromised during the execution. The project has been implemented for one year, and its term is until the end of this year. We do our best to finish on time. In a month, the restoration will begin on the streets on which work is being done,” said Eng. Iliyana Malcheva from the contractor company.

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