20 years of French chansons in Plovdiv

20 years of French chansons in Plovdiv
20 years of French chansons in Plovdiv

A few days remain until June 28, when the 20th edition of the “Golden Key” International Chanson Festival – Plovdiv 2023 opens. It is annually organized by the Alliance Française in partnership with the Municipality of Plovdiv and is under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of France and The French Institute for Bulgaria.

“To properly celebrate this birthday, we have prepared many pleasant and unexpected surprises for the audience in the hall. The spirit of the Festival this year will be «To remember and discover new talents». We will see and hear some of the first laureates of this international forum, who now have their stellar careers, but we will also see future music stars coming from all over Bulgaria. Chanson has long been a favorite of all ages, that is why this Festival is used and developed with such success and has established itself as the largest such format for the Balkans» – says the director of Alliance Française in Plovdiv, Mrs. Teofana Bradinska-Angelova .

Thus, for more than three decades, Plovdiv has been celebrating the “Festival of Music”, an event launched in France in 1985 by the multiple Minister of Culture Jacques-Lang, when musicians, amateurs and professionals sing and play freely for their own pleasure and for the pleasure of the audience.

An extremely fascinating and positively charged event that is happening today all over the world, in over 120 countries on the five continents, where there are French alliances and cultural centers. The message of this holiday is “Make music” and the 20th edition of the International Francophone Song Festival “Golden Key” – Plovdiv 2023. fully fits into this initiative as its media coverage becomes even greater. Our partner is once again Art Voice Center.

Thanks to the music teacher Mrs. Rumyana Ivanova, in 2023, both performers from Plovdiv and laureates from various festivals and competitions from all over the country will take part. We will see and hear incredible young talents from Varna, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Stara Zagora, Silistra and Lom. There will be many guest performers whose musical careers started with “Golden Key” in Plovdiv.

Performers for whom the stage was a springboard in their realization. Many of them are already well known and will come to sing to remember and remind the audience of the early years of this Festival of Music and Chanson. Star dust will also be scattered by the special guest performers – previous laureates of the “Golden Key” festival – Plovdiv, whose career was launched precisely thanks to the French chanson.

Among the names are Antonia Markova – laureate of the first edition of “Golden Key”, multiple winner of awards from national and international competitions – “Hit minus one”, “Burgas and the sea”, Music idol, “AVON VOICES”, where she managed to fight off 9,000 contenders from all over the world and reach the semi-finals in Paris, where she represented Bulgaria with dignity. Recently, she quite deservedly won the TV format of NOVA “The Stars in Us”. We especially expect Ivana Mutskova, Iva Ichevska, Marina Spasova, Neli Solakova and the inspiring Olga Vasilenko to return to Plovdiv.

We will also hear the two twin brothers, who are already very famous in France, as the duo “Jessandwest”, and they have prepared a new and attractive program for their participation in Plovdiv. “Jessandwest” is a duo that won all possible awards of the “Talents of France” format in 2019 – jury, audience, for authors and composer, etc. and are already in love with Plovdiv, and recently they are laureates of the “Voice of France” television format.

Extremely busy with a full calendar of performances, but were delighted to find an opportunity to come and sing at the Festival. With the aim of the educational nature and strengthening of the cultural exchange, on June 27, they will also hold a creative studio for Art Voice Center graduates and Festival participants.

Many more pleasant surprises await the audience at the “Boris Hristov” GDC, as the efforts of the team and partners are aimed at making the “Golden Key” Festival much more attractive and exciting for lovers of French. spirit and culture, and for the audience to feel an invigorating and pleasant experience of romance and French chic before the summer.

Since the whole festival is under the label “Festival of Music” and here, as well as all over the world, it is done with the exclusive support of the respective municipality, as the concerts are necessarily free and the entrance to them is free, and the Municipality of Plovdiv is an indispensable partner in the organization as well as the largest Francophone television, TV5Monde, which helps promote and promote our city around the world.

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