Radostin Vassilev leaves the PG of PP-DB, released a record with Petkov and Vassilev – Around the world and in our country

Radostin Vassilev leaves the PG of PP-DB, released a record with Petkov and Vassilev – Around the world and in our country
Radostin Vassilev leaves the PG of PP-DB, released a record with Petkov and Vassilev – Around the world and in our country

Radostin Vassilev leaves the parliamentary group of the PP-DB because he does not agree on a government with GERB. He announced this at a specially convened press conference with journalists. Radostin Vasilev denied that he made recordings of the conversations about forming a government of the central groups, as Kiril Petkov told the media yesterday.

According to Petkov, Vassilev was used as a weapon of the services and the deep state due to his emotional instability after the request to remove his immunity. Vassilev released today to journalists a recording that he claims is from the National Council’s online broadcast of “We continue the change” last Sunday.

In it, Kiril Petkov explains that they will launder Boyko Borisov. That the government is synchronizing with the embassies, that EC President Ursula von der Leyen has said that the Eurozone rules will be circumvented. Also – as long as Boyko is afraid of Geshev there will be a government.

Radostin Vasilev announced that the National Council lasted 4-5 hours and this was the only recording he made. Also – according to him, Kiril Petkov will lose the trust of the voters, and Vasilev himself decided days ago not to support a coalition government and to leave the PP-DB group.

Radostin Vassilev emphasized that he has no desire to be a minister in the government with GERB.

The former breakaway from ITN also stated that he wanted to reassure Kiril Petkov that there were no recordings from bedrooms and apartments.

The claims that recordings were made in the Radostin Vassilev group as “complete lies”.

“No one made such recordings either in the group room or in the headquarters. This is not true. Mr. Petkov was quite frightened by other recordings that I do not have. They are in the yellow sphere. I am not voted for Rosen Zhelyazkov, because I cannot vote for a representative of GERB. We will probably witness a coalition government in a few days,” Radostin Vassilev also stated and emphasized that there is an alternative.

Radostin Vasilev explained that totally diametrically opposed projects, under some mysterious form, which he characterized as a deep state, are brought together by structures that have no common interests, with an ulterior motive.

“We have spoken dozens of times with Kiril Petkov without GERB in power, now they will have ministers, deputy ministers, regional governors. The truth is very ugly and costs the end of the existence of PP-DB as a project”, noted Radostin Vasilev and presented an online recording of National Council of Continuing the Change.

“This is not a secret record. The real backstage is the coalition between GERB-SDS and PP-DB, which coalition I deeply hope will not happen. Petkov is either holding him with something or he is very greedy,” said Vassilev.

On the recording of a conversation between Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev, it is clear that some of the future key positions – DANS, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Assembly – have been approved by the embassies.

“As of today, Borisov said that he does not want to have a chief prosecutor. We can make ourselves interesting on television about gentlemen’s agreements,” Kiril Petkov stated during the recording.

Radostin Vassilev announced that he had security since last night, as he was called by DANS.

“There is such a people” are some 11 people who uncomplainingly support GERB and are ready for anything to participate in power. A coalition is about to be formed between “We continue the change”, “Democratic Bulgaria” and GERB. I cannot support such a coalition, I will vote against it and leave the PP-DB parliamentary group because it is a betrayal of a huge part of the Bulgarian voters who voted confidence in “We continue the change”, added Radostin Vassilev.

In his words, the PP should have been the only barrier to GERB’s pursuit of power.

“This dance will grow into an embrace of interests. The PP is interested in consuming the executive power at any cost with a million excuses – the constitutional reform is a delusion, the probability of not having a budget”, added Radostin Vassilev and noted that there is a backstage, he added Radostin Vassilev.

Borisov: Scenarios are being applied to PP-DB with the aim of not having a government

Radostin Vasilev gave a press conference on the occasion of the agreement between PP-DB and GERB-SDS to form an expert government with a rotating prime minister. Vasilev announced the press conference on social networks yesterday with the call “Court and prison for Boyko Borisov and the robbers of Bulgaria!”.

According to the PP-DB, Vassilev is preparing to release fabricated recordings of conversations with MPs from the coalition at the press conference. Last night, the co-chairman of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov stated that the services, the “deep state” are behind this, with the aim of the failure of a future government.

Watch Radostin Vassilev’s press conference live here and on the Facebook page of “Po sveta i vu nas”:

Radostin Vassilev was the minister of sports from “There is such a people” in the “Petkov” cabinet, but broke away from the party at the end of the 47th parliament.

At the end of April, he was asked for immunity for threatening MP Hristinka Ivanova to leave Slavi Trifonov’s group and join separatists in the 47th National Assembly.

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