14 new Bulgarian films will present the tenth edition of the “Golden Linden” 2023 / Stara Zagora News

14 new Bulgarian films will present the tenth edition of the “Golden Linden” 2023 / Stara Zagora News
14 new Bulgarian films will present the tenth edition of the “Golden Linden” 2023 / Stara Zagora News

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Six documentaries, two animations and five feature films from Bulgaria will be shown in its out-of-competition program at the “Golden Linden” film festival, which begins in Stara Zagora on May 27 and will last for five days. Together with Ivan Pavlov’s film “Spring Equinox” (2022), which will compete for a prize in the competition program, the Bulgarian films become 14 in total.

“This fact once again shows the commitment of the “Golden Linden” to Bulgarian cinema and the aspiration for it to be a highlight in each of the editions of the festival”, says its founder Magdalena Ralcheva.

“Spring Equinox” beautifully combines three humorous stories, the aftertaste of which, however, sours. This is a movie about little people who have to find an acceptable way to bear their anxieties, unfair treatment and personal dramas with dignity.

In the out-of-competition program, we will have the opportunity to watch the acclaimed film by the animator Teodor Ushev “Fi 1.618”, with which the rebel director recently won the Palme d’Or from the Beverly Hills Film Festival (not to be confused with Cannes), as well as an award from the Moscow Festival. which he refused in protest against Russia’s war in Ukraine. The animator’s film offers a masterful vision and exquisite detail, following the logic of the harmony number 1.618, also known as the “golden ratio”. In the tape we will see Deyan Donkov, Martina Apostolova, Kitodar Todorov and other beloved Bulgarian actors. Teodor Ushev has two Oscar nominations with his animated films “Blind Vaisha” and “Physics of Sadness” based on works by Georgi Gospodinov.

In the program we will also see Marian Valev’s brand new film “Chalga” (2023), which is showing great interest in cinemas across the country. It is a known fact that the film was shot with a phone. This contributes to the atmosphere of his story to be felt even better.

“Shakespeare as a street dog” (2022) by the director, actor, and in this case screenwriter Valery Yordanov also enters the program of the “Golden Linden” still hot-hot from the movie theaters. The author of “Sneakers” (2009) again turns his attention to the unrest of young people. The main character has two great talents, which he shows on the theater stage and in the boxing ring. He must choose which one is the right one to save the life of a loved one.

The next two Bulgarian feature films in the out-of-competition program are aimed at children and youth audiences. The debut film of theater director Petrinel Gochev is called “Bulgarian Ship Sinks in a Stormy Sea” (2022) and tells about the carefree adventures of a group of children who spend their summer vacation in a picturesque Black Sea village.

“The Tesla Case” (2022) by Simeon Hadjivasilev is an entertaining story about students who go to a scout camp. There, the children encounter the first tremors of love, rivalry and a bunch of interesting phantasmagorias that can only be born in the unpredictable teenage heads.

The children’s audience of the “Golden Linden” will also have the pleasure of watching the full-length animation “Softly spoken” (2022) based on the fairy tale by Valeri Petrov, directed by Henri Kulev.

The festival will also present the exquisite full-length adult animation Florentine Night (2022) by Sotir Gelev and Penko Gelev. This is a beautiful story about the strange manifestations of love, inspired by texts by Heinrich Heine and Gerard de Nerval.

We come to the documentary film by Bulgarian authors. “The Golden Linden” this year will offer us an interesting bouquet of documentaries dedicated to several inspiring personalities – the actor Grigor Vachkov, the writer Nikolay Haitov, the spiritual leader Vaklush Tolev and the world and Olympic champion in wrestling and a passionate collector of works of art – Boyan Radev .

“Vaklush” (2022) by Nikolay Vasilev was filmed for almost a quarter of a century – from 1998 to 2022 and contains unseen archival footage from the life of the spiritual leader and Teacher – Vaklush Tolev. It is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his birth.

“Gladiator” (2022) is also directed by Nikolay Vasilev and tells the story of the will and thought of one of the great modern Bulgarian personalities – Boyan Radev, full of adversities, struggle and victories.

Director Yuriy Dachev will also present two documentaries created last year. “Lazar and Grigor” (2022) is dedicated to the great Bulgarian actor Grigor Vachkov. Both the author of the film and the daughter of Grigor Vachkov – Martina Vachkova, are expected to attend the presentation of the film.
The documentary “The People Inside Me” (2022) is a portrait of one of the most beloved Bulgarian writers – Nikolay Haitov. The film delves into the disturbing questions about our responsibility to the memory of Levski, about our inclusion in the world and about the self-confidence with which we walk in it.

Without a doubt, Kostadin Bonev’s documentary film “The Lead Soldier” (2023) will evoke many pleasant emotions, in which favorite poems and songs that have changed the thinking of entire generations of Bulgarians sound. In the film we will hear excerpts from the most memorable Bulgarian rock hits with the participation of musicians such as Ivan Lechev, Yordan Karadjov, Stanley, Mitko Karnev, Kiril Marichkov and many others.

“Preval” (2022) is a documentary by the director Mihail Meltev, which tells about the worthy people of North-West Bulgaria, who do not bend either to political and social adversities, or to natural disasters. A film about mystical beliefs and modern times, about survival and spirituality.

The opening of the 10th edition of the “Golden Linden” IFF will begin with a solemn ceremony at 5:30 p.m. on May 27 in front of the western entrance of the Stara Zagora State Opera. The films will be broadcast both in the opera hall and in the halls of RB “Zachary Knyazheski” and Cultural Center “Stara Zagora”. Admission to all films will be completely free with the support of the Stara Zagora Municipality.

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