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The Sofia company VDH – JSC /former “Vodstroy”/, ranked second in the tender for public procurement, will be invited today to carry out major repairs and restoration of the Humanitarian High School.

“We are sending an invitation to the second participant to submit the necessary documents, as required by the Law on Public Procurement, I hope that in a week we will sign a contract and specify the organization of the construction and installation works,” explained Georgi Stamenov, the mayor of the “Central” district, for “Maritsa”. His team carried out all the procedures for the long-awaited repair – the preparation of the project, its coordination with the National Institute of National Statistics, selection of a contractor.

The company “Trace Group Hold” AD, which is currently building the tunnel between “Vasil Aprilov” and “Macedonia” boulevards to the Central Station, was ranked first in the auction. The large-scale site is behind schedule, and this is probably the reason why Trace refused a new order, so as not to waste manpower and equipment. In addition, they have recently won a state contract for the South-East bypass. The reasons for the refusal have not been disclosed, but the company delayed presenting a bank guarantee in the “Central” area, and then stated that they would not sign the contract for the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”.

The managers from VDH – AD were yesterday at a meeting in the town hall with Georgi Stamenov and his team, at which they confirmed that it is not a problem for them to fulfill the order. The difference in the offers of the two participants in the auction is BGN 400,000. “Trace” gave a price of 15.5 million BGN including VAT, VHD – 15.9. The deadlines for implementation are only one day apart. The one ranked first claimed 364 days, the second – 365.

“The children will not move because of the renovation works”, Georgi Stamenov is categorical. Two schools study in the building – Humanitarian High School and “Knyaz Alexander I” Elementary School, and moving the children would create many problems.

“The repair and restoration will take place in the summer months of this year and in 2024 when the students are on vacation. We believe that this is quite possible with a good organization of work in a three-shift mode. First, the scaffolding will be installed, then renovations will begin in the rooms, and when the windows are replaced, work will be done on the roof in the hot months of July and August. A little patience and it will be done”, Stamenov does not lose courage.

Photos by Natasha Maneva

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