New compost plant in Stamboliyski and Saedinenie

New compost plant in Stamboliyski and Saedinenie
New compost plant in Stamboliyski and Saedinenie

Today, on the territory of the municipality of Saedinenie – the village of Nedelevo, a “composting installation for separately collected green or biodegradable waste generated by the municipality of Saedinenie and the municipality of Stamboliyski” was opened.

The opening was attended by the mayor of Stamboliyski municipality Georgi Maradzhiev, the mayor of Saedinenie municipality Atanas Balkanski, the chairman of the Stamboliyski Municipal Council Stoyan Bogdanov, the chief financier Dani Bangova and the financial controller Bojurka Skachkova.

The value of the project is BGN 5,736,397.99 and is under the operational program “Environment 2014 – 2020”.

Stamboliyski has 63% and Saedinenie municipality 37% of the installation, because Stamboliyski is a larger municipality and generates more waste.

Mayor Maradzhiev presented information on the achieved results of the implementation of the project. It covers construction of the composting plant and equipment (scale, bioshredder mixer, front loader, shredder, etc.). Garbage collection equipment, specialized containers, a specialized truck and 254 containers for green and biodegradable waste were purchased. The green waste will be made into compost, which will be used for flower paths, packaged and sold.

The objective of the site is to reduce the amount of plant and biodegradable waste deposited at the landfill in Tsalapitsa. This also reduces costs – household waste fee and deductions under Art. 60 and Art. 64 of the Waste Management Act.

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