Veterinarians from Thrace University received their diplomas


Today, 120 veterinarians received their diplomas at a solemn ceremony in the hall of Thrace University. Of these, 94 veterinarians have completed their training in Bulgarian, including 7 foreign students from Greece and Cyprus. 26 graduates who studied in English also received diplomas.
“You were a strong graduating class. We want to congratulate you that in six years you have proven that you can, you know how to cope, you have the skills, knowledge and opportunities to work as veterinarians”, the dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Todor Stoyanchev, addressed the graduates of the Stara Zagora alma mater. He pointed out that “there is not a single unemployed veterinarian. Employers in Bulgaria and abroad are waiting for the graduation of veterinarians to start working for them,” said the dean. Prof. Stoyanchev advised the graduates to look for that job “which will bring you pleasure and you will feel useful to the patients”.
In the presence of their relatives and loved ones, the young veterinarians took the Hippocratic oath of observance for the ethical practice of medicine.
“I myself am a veterinarian and I was one of the first to welcome you as freshmen at Thrace University more than five years ago,” said the rector of the higher educational institution Prof. Dobri Yarkov to the graduates. He pointed out that “the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Thrace University is recruiting staff for Bulgaria. I wish you good career development in these troubled times,” the rector also said. According to him, “there is a shortage of veterinarians in Europe and Bulgaria”, but he appeals to the graduates to stay and develop in their own homeland. And invited those who wish to continue developing as specialists, doctoral students and assistants at Thrace University.
“Today is a day filled with joy and excitement. In these six years we have gained a lot of knowledge and skills. We learned and developed both professionally and personally, learned to face challenges and never give up. We will remember the lessons our teachers gave us all our lives,” said Simona Stefanova, the graduate student. She turned to her colleagues with the wish that with hard work and patience, everyone will be successful.
The average success rate of the 95th graduating class of veterinarians trained in Bulgarian is a good 4.12. Graduates in the English program have a good GPA of 4.40.
The winners were awarded certificates and gifts.

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