“Blue Summer” is visiting the theater in Rybnitsa Park

“Blue Summer” is visiting the theater in Rybnitsa Park
“Blue Summer” is visiting the theater in Rybnitsa Park

From 5:30 p.m. on May 27 (Saturday) on the outdoor stage in Ribnitsa Park (Severen district), children will be able to watch the latest performance of the Chameleon Theater – “The Tsar’s New Clothes”.

The performance is part of the Children and Family Festival “Blue Summer” 2023 and a gift for the youngest from the team of the “Together” Foundation in Plovdiv.

The event is part of the Cultural Calendar of the Municipality of Plovdiv and is realized with the assistance of the regional mayor Stoyan Alexiev.

“The King’s New Clothes” – one of H. K. Andersen’s most famous fairy tales – is filled with themes and messages that are very relevant today – sincerity, stupidity, power, a lie that, repeated many times, becomes the truth.

The production of the actors from the “Chameleon” theater also presents the theme of ostentatiousness, which nowadays serves many people to demonstrate their qualities or material goods, to brag in front of society, influenced by materialism and consumerism.

The musical layout of the theatrical performance is based on music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Artistic consultant: Anna-Valeria Gostanyan

Scenography: Maria Karamarkova

Scenography technology: Stoyan Lazarov

Dolls: Angelina Yanakieva

Participants: Daniel Rusev, Daniela Ruseva, Tsvetelina Nikolova

To the music of Johann Sebastian Bach

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