What are the most romantic vacation spots in Bulgaria?

What are the most romantic vacation spots in Bulgaria?
What are the most romantic vacation spots in Bulgaria?

To welcome the sunset with aromatic wine in hand, surrounded by “Tuscan landscapes”. Sleeping in an igloo on top of the mountain or spending the night in a balloon under the starry sky. And to do all this with your loved one not anywhere in the world, but in some of the most unique places in Bulgaria.

The romantic spirit of Bulgarian nature comes to life more beautifully than ever in the new book from the bestselling series “101 Detours” by Ivan Mihalev and Elina Tsankova. In a new, revised and updated edition on the market, you can now find “101 Breaks for Lovers” – a different guide that will give you many exciting ideas for relaxing and recharging in the company of a loved one.

Romantic wineries, cozy villages nestled in the arms of the Balkans, majestic lakes and dams – in “101 detours for lovers” are collected places with a special magic that can hardly be expressed in words. Magic that will make you fall in love with the beauties of Bulgaria and rediscover it in the company of your loved one.

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And to make your holiday even more surprising and full of adventurous experiences, Ivan Mihalev and Elina Tsankova also include a special Bonus part – 50 proposals for a romantic weekend in hotels, guest houses and holiday villages, where you can escape from reality and find a hideaway from the city noise.

Where is the Bulgarian Cappadocia located? What are the most romantic beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast? How does it feel to sleep in an inflatable balloon under the open sky at the foot of the Vratsa Balkan?

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“101 Detours for Lovers” presents a total of 151 destinations and houses a record for the series over 500 photographs, capturing the most azure sunsets and the most remarkable views.

Ideal for photographers and influencers in search of hidden treasures around our country, the guidebook marks 35 locations with the WOW Point sign, suitable for breathtaking photos with stunningly beautiful landscapes.

Sealing in itself the rich variety of sights, cultures and natural phenomena with which Bulgaria abounds, “101 detours for lovers” is an indispensable assistant that you can always consult in the organization of your next trips.

And they are most memorable when they are unexpected. So grab the person next to you and get ready for unforgettable journeys – whether you’ve taken a short getaway for the weekend, or you’ve decided to get lost for a longer time in the most romantic corners of Bulgaria.

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