Ninova: Radev is delaying the second term in order to manage the official cabinet – Bulgaria

Ninova: Radev is delaying the second term in order to manage the official cabinet – Bulgaria
Ninova: Radev is delaying the second term in order to manage the official cabinet – Bulgaria

Apparently, the first and second political forces put the adoption of the budget as a consequence of what majority will be cast, the committees have not yet been decided, commented on the sidelines of the parliament, the chairman of the BSP and the parliamentary group of the “BSP for Bulgaria” Kornelia Ninova. As long as they negotiate, while they make these unprincipled coalitions, the other process could go on, she thinks.

“Boyko Borisov is fully responsible. He created this mess, he provoked it, he faked negotiations all the time, he used one party against the other, he pitted them against each other, now he has to take responsibility.”the politician pointed out.

When asked whether, in her opinion, there is interference by President Rumen Radev in the processes, she commented that the head of state is delaying the second term for an inexplicable reason. “He is probably buying time and waiting for any possible majorities to fall apart so that the caretaker cabinet can continue to rule”Ninova suggested.

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In her words the role of a real president, a statesman, at such a moment is to bring everyone together, to mediate, to look for a way out, and not to constantly “introduce contradictions and clashes, so that there is no regular governance of Bulgaria”.

Everything that has happened in recent weeks is perhaps the most brutal blow to the institutions – National Assembly, prosecutor’s office, judiciary, stressed the MP. We remain of the same opinion and I regret that during this one month the other parliamentary parties did not hear us – we should have all gathered, broadcast the important tasks for Bulgaria, set a deadline, broadcast a supra-party government in which there are no leaders, political figures, to control it from the parliament and so far, at least in the first reading, we have examined the budget. For us, the topic “budget” remains the most important”pointed out Cornelia Ninova.

All their bickering, records, ugliness they bring out, gets in the way of the real process that the budget was supposed to be, commented the chairman of the parliamentary group of socialists. She recalled that June 10, when the extended budget expires, is already knocking on the door.

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“The budget has not passed the first reading yet, besides which budget – is it Radev’s, which is absurd because of the large deficit, is it extended, is it a new one, which we will revise in some way”Ninova listed.

Regarding the DPS proposal to convene a Grand National Assembly, Ninova asked what it should decide. “Let’s just convene the Supreme Court for what – the colleagues probably want a change in the Constitution, but what in it are we going to change. Is it a judicial reform, is it a state system, I don’t want to comment on something that we don’t know what it is”asked the chairman of the PG of “BSP for Bulgaria”

For the time being, she refused to comment on yesterday’s statement by the co-chairman of the PP Kiril Petkov regarding Radostin Vassilev and records from offices of the PP meetings.

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