The activities of the CHLOERIS project, the Erasmus+ program at the “Konstantin Konstantinov” SU are coming to an end

The activities of the CHLOERIS project, the Erasmus+ program at the “Konstantin Konstantinov” SU are coming to an end
The activities of the CHLOERIS project, the Erasmus+ program at the “Konstantin Konstantinov” SU are coming to an end

Project activities are ending CHLOERISErasmus+ programme at “Konstantin Konstantinov” SU

The Erasmus+ program is a flagship initiative of the European Commission, which aims to promote educational mobility, cooperation and intercultural exchange in Europe.

In 2020, SU “Konstantin Konstantinov” for the second time won funding for participation in a strategic project for joint work with nine partner schools from France and Greece and one from Bulgaria under the Erasmus+ program. The name of the project is CHLOERIS (in English “Paths to Europe, Encounters and Inclusion thanks to sport”). In August 2023, the project activities will end.

What are the goals of this project?

– To make a contribution to the construction of a road to Europe for every citizen.

What happened during this period?

Thirty-two students and four teachers from the Collège du Val d’Or from Izigny-sur-Mer, France visited “Konstantin Konstantinov” High School in October 2022, twenty-three sixth graders and three teachers from Sliven visited their friends in France in May 2023 , three teachers joined the exchange activities that took place in France in March 2023. One of the three international meetings for reporting the results was organized in March 2021 at the “Konstantin Konstantinov” SU.

Despite the COVID pandemic, project activities did not stop. Numerous online meetings were held, children took part in a competition to create a project logo, made posters and presentations about their favorite sports, exchanged letters on paper with their friends from France, presented their school through videos.

What are the results?

Through the sports and cultural activities, the children learned more about the life and school environment of their classmates in France, created new friendships and strengthened their sense of belonging to the family of the EU countries. The students visited a number of places of interest, which enriched their knowledge of the history, culture and nature of France. The teachers shared good practices in working with disadvantaged children in Bulgaria, which were very well received and provoked the interest of partners from France and Greece. From the French and Greek colleagues, they received valuable experience on how work with children with learning difficulties can become even more effective.

The CHLOERIS project has become a bridge connecting Bulgaria, France and Greece. The joint activities and the experiences that were shared inspired the participants to continue working and making changes for a better European future.

With readiness and enthusiasm, the teachers of “Konstantin Konstantinov” SU expect to take the next steps and take advantage of the opportunities that Erasmus+ provides, so that more mobility with students can be realized in the future.

At the end of this month and the beginning of the next one, the last working meeting of the project coordinators will be held.

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