Political response after the statement of Radostin Vassilev (OVERVIEW) – Bulgaria

Political response after the statement of Radostin Vassilev (OVERVIEW) – Bulgaria
Political response after the statement of Radostin Vassilev (OVERVIEW) – Bulgaria

The political reaction after Radostin Vassilev’s statement was not long in coming.

We remind you that just a few hours ago at a press conference he released a recording that he said was from a meeting of the National Council of the PP.

“We have a situation where the prosecution says it will attack parliamentbecause he is trying to limit the lack of control of the chief prosecutor”. This was stated by the co-chairman of the DB Hristo Ivanov.

According to him, that is precisely why they exist immunitiesto defend the people’s representatives.

“We have discussed the EP’s practice of lifting immunities so that there is an opportunity to make a judgment when it comes to exercising the powers of the prosecutor’s office in view of the political conjuncture with racketeering attacks or are these reasonable demands,” he said.

The goal is to throw Bulgaria into elections. My call is not to give up, we need a government,” Ivanov stressed.

From “Vazrazhdane” we prepared a signal, signed by our entire parliamentary group, which will be released to the Attorney General. In the signal we want them to be the persons mentioned in Radostin Vassilev’s press conference are being investigatedto establish the authenticity of the recording and to charge those persons.

This was announced by the leader of “Vazrazhdane” at a briefing in the National Assembly Kostadin Kostadinov.

“The institutions of the judicial power must be activated so that the need can be done immediately so that this ongoing crime – there is such a term in the law – can finally stop,” Kostadinov pointed out.

According to the leader of “Vazrazhdane”, the recording released by Vasilev contains information about a crime committed against the republic under Chapter One of the Criminal Code.

“It is about hidden agreements of the coalition of immunities. An absolute international scandal can be heard from these recordings. Will they support a future coalition of the top two powers? You put Bulgaria at the bottom, you ruined the values ​​of the EU”.

This was stated by the leader of BSP Cornelia Ninova.

“How do you think that Ursula von der Leyen and the G7 look into the allegations, that they participate in the formation of a government in Bulgaria. Another black point for Bulgaria. How do you think they look at getting into the Eurozone, circumventing the rules. How do these leaders feel today and will they support such a future coalition of omerta, immunities, etc. It is a matter of renunciation of national sovereignty – the sentence to replace the heads of the services with such, coordination with the embassies”, Ninova said.

“What’s wrong with you guys? From the energy for change and from the squares, you became a washing machine for Borisov. If we let the people vote as they want, we will be between 7 and 10 percent. If there is real popular will, you will be between 7 and 10 percent. Time has proven what you have done. Now let’s take a coalition and make “Revival” the first force. “Revival” are you involved in this thing. Many questions that hardly need answers”, Cornelia Ninova emphasized.

“What you did today, breaking all the laws, bringing in the NPC. Why do you do it? Because of all this – the goal is to make changes to the constitution, to wash Borisov, taking Geshev’s head to cover himself. You are staging a parliamentary coup. We have said that Geshev should go and we remain in this position. There should be a reform, but not with this goal, because it is now to wash Borisov and replace Geshev with Peshev”, commented the BSP leader.

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