Who ordered the execution of Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro – DW – 26.05.2023

Who ordered the execution of Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro – DW – 26.05.2023
Who ordered the execution of Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro – DW – 26.05.2023

A new owner will be sought for the vegetable market in the capital’s Slatina district and 12 more parking lots in Sofia, after Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro, wanted by Interpol on a red notice, was shot dead at his home in South Africa. The VIS-2 affiliate had lived outside Bulgaria for more than 15 years, but he had a big business in the light in his homeland and took many secrets with him – like others before him like Samokovetsa and Poli Pantev.

For example, who did he pay to get the market and the parking lots, and also to put his hand on the door of Europe to the East – the “Captain Andreevo” border crossing point. Well, now the corrupt can relax and spend peacefully after the execution of Kamenov – unless there are documents incriminating them.

Dimitar Stoyanov, the investigative journalist from the BIRD site, admitted to BNR that Kamenov had given evidence before a foreign jurisdiction in the last six months “in connection with key criminal cases with an international element”. There is no information whether they are related to the OneCoin crypto-pyramid and the investigations into the laundering of hundreds millions of dollars through this scheme led by US authorities.Crypto queen Ruzha Ignatova disappeared in 2017, at Athens airport and has not been seen since.

There is no official version

The murder of Krasimir Kamenov-Karo caused a bunch of unofficial versions – whether it was related to settling accounts due to drugs in South Africa or whether it was related to the events in Bulgaria. Some time ago, the prosecutor’s office accused Kamenov, together with others, including the former owner of KTB Tsvetan Vasilev, in a conspiracy to remove senior police officers and magistrates, including the chief prosecutor.

Then, at a special press conference, audio recordings of phone conversations and read notes found as evidence in the investigation were presented. Besides Kuro and Vassilev, many public figures were also mentioned – Boyko Borisov, Asen Vassilev (mentioned as “Kokorcho”), businessman Plamen Bobokov, journalist Dimitar Stoyanov, PP, DB and others were also mentioned.

Two months ago, Kamenov was charged in absentia by the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office as a guarantor of the murder of Lyubomir Ivanov, former head of the Criminal Police in 2 Police Station in Sofia, who was ostentatiously shot in the capital in March 2022. That’s why Curro was wanted by Interpol. According to media reports, the former policeman was involved in illegal cigarette production, including in factories abroad, as well as smuggling, but problems arose.

Business – from every power for something

The companies connected to Kuro acquired the parking lots during the time when the mayor of the capital was Stefan Sofianski, and the vegetable exchange was sold by the Capital Municipal Agency for Privatization in 2007, when the mayor was Boyko Borisov. In November of against both companies there was an action by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Revenue Agency for tax fraud, but the results of the inspections were not announced.

The underground parking lot of the NDK, in front of the Central Station, on “Arsenalski” Blvd., and others were seized through a joint company with contributions from the capital’s municipal company “Parkings and Garages”. The municipal councilor from the SDS, chairman of the transport commission in the SOS and director of “Parkings and Garages” Georgi Vassilev helped with this. Later he became the majority owner in the private company that acquired the parking lots, but not for long – he was shot in 2005 Despite the promise of the then Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Boyko Borisov, that the murder would be revealed, this never happened.

To Euronews, the expert from the Center for the Study of Democracy Tihomir Bezlov added to the stock market and parking lots and concessions on beaches and hotels along the Southern Black Sea coast and “what is left of the smuggling channels – starting from “Captain Andreevo” and reaching Iliantsi” .

“The Golden Hen”

In 2013, the authorities presented a “golden hen” to Kuro. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) assigns the private company “P.F.C.”, whose owner at the time was his mistress Lidiya Ljubenova, to collect fees for the disinfection of cars and trucks both from the “Capitan Andreevo” checkpoint and from the other two border points with Turkey – at Lesovo and Malko Tarnovo. Later Kuro together with another colleague from VIS-2 Hristofor Amanatidis-Taki, who has lived in Dubai for a long time, and Razmig Chakaryan-Ami, took over the veterinary and phytosanitary control of the border crossing “Captain Andreevo”, as well as nearby parking lots.Kamenov and Amanatidis are pointed by analysts as the people who divided the legal and illegal business of VIS-2.

However, last year it was revealed that they were in a conflict which, according to Capital, had deepened over the control of the Phytosanitary Control Laboratory and the “Golden Ghoul”, which were initially exploited by Kuro, but then won by Taki through Razmig Chakaryan-Ami”. The return of state control over the cargo passing through “Captain Andreevo” began m.y. under the regular government of Kiril Petkov and went through a number of attempts to be blocked by judicial or institutional means. Ultimately, at the end of March, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) canceled the suspension of the procedure for the construction of a new state laboratory to carry out phytosanitary control at the point.

Are the mutren years coming back

Who ordered the execution of Curro, who survived the transition to be killed in its finale – a competitor from the underworld or from his business in the light, or threatened by the exposed politicians and magistrates. The comment of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev, made yesterday, was that “what is being done against the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office and the Bulgarian judiciary has led to a boom in crime and we are returning to the Mutren years”. He must be right – those protests of 2020. they never expelled the Mutts.

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