Miss Bulgaria 2023 roared with fans


The current winner of the Miss Bulgaria crown, Elizabeth Kravets, complained about excessive interest from admirers on social networks, and not only. The girl from Varna with emerald eyes was a guest on “The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show”, where she tried to guess who “Couple or not”.

The 17-year-old beauty once again admitted that she does not have a boyfriend, but there is no shortage of candidates. “I’m alone, but I don’t lack admirers on social networks at all – says Kravets. – There are even a little more, but what can be done.”

Earlier, our new girl admitted that she is not even thinking about a boyfriend at the moment, because she has a lot of important roles coming up, and the preparation for them requires a lot of time. “I am fully focused on my career and development. That time will come, but right now is not the time,” admits Kravets.

The beauty, who has been dancing since the age of 4, should participate at the end of November in the Miss Planet pageant in the USA. “It’s very busy for me, because the training goes along with the preparation for the competition. I combine both things. It’s difficult because I didn’t expect that I’ll make it to Miss Bulgaria,” says Kravets.

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