Those working in the field of culture go out to protest

Those working in the field of culture go out to protest
Those working in the field of culture go out to protest

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Workers in museums, libraries, operas and theaters, who are protesting today across the country, are demanding an increase in wages to at least BGN 2,000. People’s dissatisfaction with the cultural sphere is against the low remuneration in the sector.

The Chairman of the Union of Artists Hristo Mutafchiev also supports the protest. He sent an open letter in which he claims that Bulgarian culture is again not a priority for the government and that, according to the latest data, the shortfall in the funding of the performing arts amounts to over BGN 80 million.

In Burgas, the protest will be held today at 12 o’clock in front of the state opera building, under the caption “Let’s support Bulgarian culture”. Everyone who recognizes the demands is invited to join it, comments Ivan Kostadinov, chairman of the regional trade union “Support” in Burgas.

“They have 12 demands. But the basis of everything is the increase of wages in the sector, not less than BGN 2,000, and to equalize the remuneration with those working in the “education” branch. Because we know that there are quite decent, quite good. The second proposal and request is to increase the budget for culture – 1% of the Gross Domestic Product. Which means that with this one percent we could ensure not only higher salaries, but also the activity of these cultural institutions.”

On the Day of People’s Awakeners, the protest will be symbolic. Workers in the sector will come out with ribbons and posters to express their dissatisfaction with the low wages.

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