Maradzhiev leaves the second position in a runoff


Surprisingly, the two-term mayor and regional leader of GERB, Georgi Maradzhiev, will come out next Sunday from the second position in the runoff against the challenger from “Alternative for Citizens” Petar Nedelev.

49.06% voted for Nedelev, and 41.09% voted for Georgi Maradzhiev, the favorite.

This is what the mayor of Stamboliyski wrote on the social network this morning:

Dear fellow citizens, you have decided to have a second round for mayor of the municipality in the municipality of Stamboliyski. There will also be a second round for mayor of the village of Kurtovo Konare. I am addressing all residents of the municipality and I am calling on you to vote by number Why? Because for eight years we did what other municipalities can’t even dream of! The municipality is not only a good place to live, but has also become a visited destination for many guests. I remember in 2015 I was in the runoff again. And I won it! Now the same situation is repeating itself. There is no room for thought, but for action. The battle is coming and we are entering it with Ivan Pirinov together! I am not campaigning for anyone. Everything is in front of you! You see and touch. What I built will remain a mark for many generations, and whether you will appreciate it – you decide! On Sunday again with bulletin no 7️⃣✅ For the municipality of Stamboliyski to have it!

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