Three detained for assisting the movement of refugees from Israel, established yesterday in the village of Dobrichko

A 40-year-old woman from Dobrich and two men – 39 years old and 51 years old – were detained for a period of up to 72 hours, after being brought in as accused for a crime under Art. 281, para. 2, item 1, item 5 and item 6, in connection with Art. 20, para. 2 of the Criminal Code. The three are accused of complicity, with the aim of obtaining property benefits for themselves, illegally helping foreigners to cross the country in violation of the law, using a motor vehicle for this purpose. The District Prosecutor’s Office – Dobrich is about to ask the court to impose the most severe remand measure “detention in custody” against them. S.A., H.S. and K.S. are well known to law enforcement and have been convicted.
The seven foreign citizens were also detained and charged with crimes under Art. 279, para. 1 of the Criminal Code – illegal crossing of the state border.
According to the information gathered so far, the detained men came from the Gaza Strip, are of legal age and are from Israel. After passing through the territory of the Turkish state, they reached the border with the Republic of Bulgaria and illegally entered the country at an undetermined location. After a three-day trek in a wooded area, they were helped by the three accused Bulgarians, who had to transport them to Sofia for a fee. The aim of the foreign citizens was to reach Western Europe. Instead, they were taken to the village of Karapelit, Dobrich region, and left in the house of 40-year-old S.A.. The woman and her accomplices demanded additional money from the foreigners.
On October 31, 2023, the seven men managed to escape and sought help. They were taken to a police station and detained.
The investigation into the initiated pre-trial proceedings continues under the guidance and supervision of a prosecutor from the District Prosecutor’s Office – Dobrich.

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