Veliko Tarnovo Theater and VTU students participate in the national project “The Poster Works”

Veliko Tarnovo Theater and VTU students participate in the national project “The Poster Works”
Veliko Tarnovo Theater and VTU students participate in the national project “The Poster Works”

The Veliko Tarnovo Theater and graphic design students from the Faculty of Fine Arts at VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” participate in the national project “The Poster Works”. The initiative is of the “Petko Churchuliev” Art Gallery in Dimitrovgrad and is financed under the “Debuts” program of the National Fund “Culture”. The project started in October and will be implemented over the course of a year.
After a special selection, four cultural institutes and a total of 12 students from four higher schools, which are located in four Bulgarian cities, were selected to participate in the competition. The young artists study the specialties “Poster and Visual Communication”, “Graphic Design and Advertising”, “Graphic Design and Visual Communication” and will have to create a total of 24 stage posters for premiere performances in the selected theaters in Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas.
The music-drama theater “Konstantin Kisimov” will provide an opportunity for VTU students to attend the rehearsals of their new titles. They will have a direct relationship with the director and the actors and all the time they will work in direct contact with the theater as real theater posters. At the final, the debutantes will have to present their artistic product in the form of a poster for the show.
Preslava Todorova, Silvia Nikolova and Georgi Bumbarov are the three students from the Department of “Graphic Design and Visual Communication” at VTU headed by Prof. Dr. Krasimira Drumeva, who will participate in the “The Poster Works” project. Preslava and Silvia are fourth-year students and are among the prize winners in the poster competition, which was held at the idea of ​​the Veliko Tarnovo Theater last year. Silvia Nikolova is already the author of three of the MDT’s stage posters – for the performances “Pippi Longstocking”, “The Glass Menagerie” and “Servant of Two Masters”. The new ticket form for the theater in the old capital was designed by Preslava Todorova.
Theater “Bulgarian Army” in Sofia, Puppet Theater – Plovdiv, Drama Theater “Adriana Budevska” in Burgas and the hosts from ODT “Apostol Karamitev” in Dimitrovgrad are the other cultural institutions that will participate in the project. They will collaborate with students from the Art Academy in Sofia and its branch in Burgas, as well as from Plovdiv University “Paisiy Hilendarski”.
The activities of the project will start with a virtual meeting of the debutants with Dimitar Traichev – one of the significant names in graphic design and stage posters in Bulgaria. He will give them initial guidance before live contact with the theater and production. At a later stage, the students will participate in a workshop, which will be held in the gallery in Dimitrovgrad. Then they will be able to touch the rich collection of nearly 1,300 stage posters by Bulgarian and foreign authors from 29 countries around the world, which is part of the gallery’s collection. This collection is supplemented periodically with the assistance of individual artists and the International Triennial of the Stage Poster in Sofia.
All 24 original stage posters, which will be created by the 12 students within the project, will be printed on vinyl. The works will be presented in five exhibitions, and one of them will be hosted by the Veliko Tarnovo Theater.


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