An unprecedented rally in support of Petar Kulenski takes place in Pazardzhik: Vestnik Zname

An unprecedented rally in support of Petar Kulenski takes place in Pazardzhik: Vestnik Zname
An unprecedented rally in support of Petar Kulenski takes place in Pazardzhik: Vestnik Zname

At a briefing in the Press Club of BTA in Pazardjik today, seven candidates for mayor of the municipality stated why they united in their support for the new leader Petar Kulenski – candidate for mayor of Pazardjik municipality from the coalition “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria”, who is number 66 in the bulletin. All of them are adamant that the vicious model of the municipality’s management in the last 16 years must be broken.

“I want to congratulate all Bulgarian citizens on the Day of People’s Wakers. I am glad that on this significant day for Bulgarians, the city of Pazardzhik is waking up”, Petar Kulenski began his introduction.

“In the first round of local elections in Pazardzhik municipality, 24,000 voters, or nearly 70% of all votes, clearly stated that Pazardzhik wants change! Before you stand us, the candidates for mayor of Pazardzhik municipality, who received a huge part of these votes for change. Before you are eight candidates – representatives of various formations, associations, representatives of citizens who have voted for us – Mr. Blago Solov, Mr. Trendafil Velichkov, Dr. Tsoko Tsokov, Mr. Chavdar Chavdarov, Mr. Ivan Papazov, Mr. Angel Vasilev, Mr. Tinko Vasilev and me, Petar Kulenski.

All of us today are united by one common cause – to return the freedom of Pazardzhik. The stakes are huge – I hope you all understand – 4 more years like the previous 16. Four years of stagnation, regression, young people leaving, withdrawal of business investment. Or a free Pazardzhik – as we all want to see him. Pazardzhiklians are proud and uncompromising people, and we must get that back,” emphasized Kulenski. And he gave the floor to each of the mayoral candidates who supported him.

“There are no parties here, there are people here. People and personalities who love our city and who are ready to work for it, overcoming their personal and party biases”, said Blago Solov from MK “Together for a Strong Municipality”. “Pazardzhik is what should unite us, not divide us. We have lived apart enough. We must look forward. I support Petyo as a person. Pazardzhik needs a new mayor – young, ambitious, who will lead the city and the municipality out of the quagmire we are in. The quagmire of depopulation, the quagmire of a lack of good jobs, and the quagmire of mismanagement of public finances. I believe we can do it. I don’t even know of another example in our recent history where so many colorful people have sat down at one table, united around one cause. I believe that our common cause is Pazardzhik and we will work for it. I support Petyo Kulenski”, added Blago Solov.

“There is hardly any need to answer the question why we support Mr. Kulensky. It is clear to everyone, just as it is clear that these elections are not parliamentary, so to speak of parties. The elections are majoritarian, Pazardzhik’s problem is personal”, commented Trendafil Velichkov from MK “Our City”. “Unfortunately we have 16 years of an inadequate mayor – we need an adequate one. I call upon all our fellow citizens to wake up, to show valor, to show honor and dignity, and having all these free men here today is a demonstration of just that – honor, dignity and responsibility. Dear fellow citizens, vote with number 66! Now is the time to change Pazardzhik! This chance is given once every 4 years. Don’t stay at home, but vote – the new mayor is standing next to me”, added Trendafil Velichkov.

“I believe that everything in life depends on ourselves, on our right choice.I am convinced that we are all here united around the cause of our city being more beautiful, cleaner, more attractive, with a decent wage, and not depopulated,” said Dr. Tsoko Tsokov from the “BSP for Bulgaria” coalition “. “I wish the candidate for mayor and our incumbent success and to break this 16-year-old deadlock. PI wish to open the doors of the Municipality for people’s problems and for them to be solved and not dismissed. Vote with ballot number 66 for Petyo Kulenski!”, urged Dr. Tsokov.

“I agreed to support Mr. Kulenski’s candidacy because I want the young, educated and successful people to stay here. I accepted because of everyone who wants to see a different Pazardzhik, with a new approach to the problems of citizens and businesses, with more effective administration and strict control at all levelscommented lawyer Chavdar Chavdarov from MK “Agricultural People’s Union”. “And last but not leastI accepted because I love my city and I believe that we are all one team, in which the main goal is the prosperity and development of the Pazardzhik municipality. I believe that all young and freedom-loving people will support Mr. Petar Kulenski in the upcoming second round with number 66″, said lawyer Chavdarov.

“Peter Kulenski has my support. Let us all unite around this young man for the future of Pazardzhik municipality. Good luck on Sunday”, wished Ivan Papazov, the candidate for mayor from the “Alexander Stamboliyski” community.

“I am perhaps the youngest in politics among the colleagues gathered here. What I know, during the years of management of the municipality by Mr. Todor Popov, is a reality in which their people and their money were subordinated to a private interest. From a person who skilfully managed to take advantage of the trust that the citizens voted for him, and turned – it may sound a little extreme – into an exploiter of his fellow citizens”, said Angel Vassilev, candidate for mayor of “Direct Democracy”. “He did not work in the interest of the municipality, but in the interest of himself. We repeatedly asked him what he owes his high personal standard of living to – he could not explain it. I’m sure he can’t even explain what I saw during this election? I saw vote buying, I saw threats, I saw mayors who explained to me how if they are not with Todor Popov, they will not receive a penny. I saw people being threatened that if they voted for the opposition mayor, they would be left in the blank space and their village would get nothing. And I saw a lot of empty promises that are heard in every election – first sods, how we will make the city clean, how we will make it smart and all sorts of other gimmicks that the current mayor failed to do in the past 16 years.

Our association made a unanimous decision to support Mr. Petar Kulenski. I met him yesterday, we had a conversation with his team and what I conveyed to my colleagues from “Association of Pazardzhik” is that this is a person who has the qualities to be a mayor with a competent team. In addition, the municipality needs a Municipal Council to control the mayor and the citizens of Pazardzhik. This has not happened in the last 16 years. The citizens will get it if they trust Mr. Kulenski”, assured Angel Vasilev.

“I want to congratulate those individuals who are here at this table and with their presence here today show what needs to be done in order to achieve success,” said lawyer Tinko Vasilev, nominated by PP “There is such a people”. “If I had to quote one person on our team: ‘Let’s get behind the fear!’ Indeed, during the campaign it was seen how much fear there is everywhere – of something, of someone. Let’s put this fear behind us so that one day we can say with our hands on our hearts that we have done everything possible to change our city for the better. Let’s stop this depopulation. Let’s make sure that our children and loved ones stay in the city. I support Petar Kulenski unconditionally in this fight. I urge people to get out and vote. To vote according to conscience. To vote for the new and for the change”, appeals lawyer Vasilev.

In turn, Petar Kulenski once again thanked his colleagues for their support. And he emphasized that in order for the citizens to regain their freedom and Pazardzhik, they must join hands with each other. “We have to lend a hand to the people of Pazardzhik. I am glad that we are setting this example by which not only our city, not only our municipality, but every single municipality in Bulgaria, as well as the country, should be governed. We urge people to get out and vote on Sunday. We want a high voter turnout to give a representative vote so that it can nullify this bought and controlled vote that we all know about and many of us have seen with our own eyes,” said Kulenski.

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