BGN 110 million investment in the “Rubin” glass factory in Pleven


A new investment in the amount of BGN 110 million was announced by the “Rubin” glass factory in Pleven. The project, which foresees the creation of 150 new jobs, is for the construction of a new 300-ton bath furnace.

The investment was announced during the working meeting in Pleven between the Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoicheva, Deputy Minister Veselin Mincheva and the company’s management, the Ministry of Innovation and Growth reports.

Source: Ministry of Innovation and Growth

During the meeting, the implementation to date of the two investment projects that received a class “A” investor certificate under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA), under which 550 jobs have already been created, was presented.

The management of the plant also presented the project for the new investment, for which the investor has also submitted a request for certification under ZNI.

Over BGN 100 million investment in the glass factory “Rubin” in Pleven

150 new jobs will also be created

The total value of the company’s investments after the implementation of the new project will reach about BGN 250 million.

The project for the construction of the bath furnace foresees a number of innovations in the management, which will be carried out with real data from a smart control center, reduction of harmful emissions, commented the management of the plant in Pleven.

The company also invests in the development of future personnel by creating a training academy for the company.

Already in February of this year, the company “Glass Contribution”, which is behind the glass factory “Rubin” in Pleven, announced to the local media that it will invest over 100 million BGN in the enterprise.

The project for the construction of a 300-ton furnace was carried out by the German companies Nikolaus Sorg GmbH&Co.KGc, Sorg Feuerungsbau und Service GmbH and Excelsius Global Services GmbH.

The “Rubin” glass factory in Pleven has over 50 years of experience in the production of glass packaging such as bottles and jars repurposed for bottling wine, beer, highly alcoholic beverages, juices, soft drinks, mineral water, olive oil, food juices and others.

A leading malt producer invests EUR 56 million in a new plant in Pleven

Construction begins today

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