Vidin honored the people’s awakeners (photos)

Vidin honored the people’s awakeners (photos)
Vidin honored the people’s awakeners (photos)


Photo: Gennady Tsokov

Seen he noted solemnly Day of the people’s alarm clocks, 1 November. Pupils, teachers, cultural workers, representatives of institutions and citizens took part in a festive procession from the central square “Bdintsi” to the monument of Sophronius Vrachanski – a clergyman and folk revivalist, who lived in the city for three years and wrote during that time the famous Vidin Collections . On this day, we also honor the memory of all our other ancestors, who worked hard to keep the people’s council awake over the centuries, His Eminence of Vidin told those present Metropolitan Daniil and urged us to remember their example and legacy:

“On the day of the people’s revivalists, let us not only celebrate this day with fanfare, processions and beautiful speeches, but let’s see the real example, because our ancestors revivalists are real people who lived in a complicated time. Our time is no less problems. If we ask ourselves what path to take, if we do not turn to their example, do not adopt their faith… we will continue in a dead end… Let the love of God be kindled in us, following the example of our holy awakeners, and again good and blessed days will come – for us and for our people. Happy holiday!”

The Day of the People’s Awakeners is dedicated to the work of writers, educators, fighters for national liberation, who preserved the spiritual values ​​of the nation and its morals over the centuries. But the awakening is still relevant today, they believe Vidincans:

“Modern revivalists are doctors, writers, some athletes… My teachers, they are our second family and are the basis of everything… The awakening continues today… Some of the Bulgarian teachers work as real national revivalists… In order to let’s be wakers we don’t need to be highly educated but carry the spiritual in us every single person needs spiritual food and it is important in dynamic times like today where everything is more material… I believe that spiritual is that , which leads us – this is the light, this is the way…”

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