An outbreak of bird flu was announced in Pazardzhik – Pazardzhik

An outbreak of bird flu was announced in Pazardzhik – Pazardzhik
An outbreak of bird flu was announced in Pazardzhik – Pazardzhik
The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BABH) announced an outbreak of Iinfluenza A (flu) on birds in the village of Glavinitsa, Pazardzhik region. In the livestock facility, they look around 248 pcs. laying hens.

The virus was detected during control measures in the 10-kilometer zone, which was created for surveillance around the outbreak of avian influenza, registered on 26.10.2023 in the territory of the village of Malo Konare, Pazardzhik region.

In order to limit the disease and prevent its spread, an order was issued by the executive director of the BABH for the humane killing of diseased and contact birds in the facilities.

A 3-kilometer safety zone has been defined around the affected livestock facility, which covers the villages of Glavinitsa, Aleko Konstantinovo, Mokrishte and the town of Pazardzhik.

A 10-kilometer monitored zone has also been established in the Pazardjik municipality, which includes the villages of Zvanichevo, Lyahovo, Patalenitsa, Tsrancha, Bratanitsa, Debrshitsa, Ognyanovo, Sinitovo, Miryantsi, Malo Konare, Dobrovnitsa, Dragor, Ivaylo, Saraya, Yunatsite, as well as the villages Captain Dimitrievo and Radilovo from commune. A cave.

An epizootic survey and tracking of the movements of domestic and other birds, eggs, bird feed, products and animal by-products obtained from them, as well as means of transport related to the technological process in the sites is carried out.

BABH reminds that it is important for farmers to comply with biosecurity measures in animal breeding sites. In case of changes in the health status of the birds, they should immediately notify the veterinarian who serves the site, the mayor of the settlement and/or the official veterinarian responsible for the municipality. The goal is prevention, early detection and preventing the spread of the disease.

Poultry meat and products harvested in an area where an outbreak of Avian Influenza has been established do not pose a risk to human health.

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