In Pazardzhik, young people talked about human trafficking

In Pazardzhik, young people talked about human trafficking
In Pazardzhik, young people talked about human trafficking

Young people from 6 countries are in Pazardzhik under a project of the “Focus – European Center for Development” Association. Within a few days, they will discuss the problem of human trafficking. All participants are members of organizations that work for the prevention and awareness of human trafficking.

The young people are from Turkey, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Poland.

Human trafficking is a serious global threat that affects many areas of society. The project “Catch me if you can” aims to direct young participants to study the problem and its prevention, as well as to provide them with tools for social integration of young people who are in a disadvantaged situation. The main idea is to encourage participants to use the Internet as a means of finding legal work and establishing new social contacts, while being aware of the risks of the online space.

Within this project, several main sub-goals are set:

1. Research and analysis of human trafficking through the Internet: Participants will have the opportunity to study the issues related to human trafficking through the Internet in the partner countries. Through analyses, comparisons, and summaries, they will work to formulate preventive measures to address the problem. These measures will be summarized in a “YOUTH GUIDE TO PREVENTION OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING” which will be distributed to raise awareness among other youth.

2. Familiarity with legislation and laws to protect victims of human trafficking: Participants will understand the importance of legislation and how it can protect victims of human trafficking and help bring perpetrators to justice.

3. Risks of the Internet: Young people will be informed about the risks of the online space and how to protect themselves from them, especially when looking for work or making new social contacts online.

4. Improving skills for working in an intercultural environment: The project promotes intercultural communication and cooperation, helping young people to develop a better understanding of the diversity of cultures and traditions in the participating countries.

5. Awareness of the opportunities of the Erasmus+ program: Participants will be informed about the opportunities that the Erasmus+ program provides for inclusion in similar initiatives and projects that support youth activity and intercultural exchange.

The “Catch Me If You Can” project aims to draw attention to the methods and means of preventing human trafficking, especially through the Internet.

The exchange will build skills and knowledge that will help young people to protect themselves and prevent this social problem. Following the successful implementation of the project, the results and the youth manual for the prevention of human trafficking will be disseminated to promote the global fight against this problem.

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