A new book by the historian Georgi Atanasov from Silistra


On the eve of the Day of the People’s Revivalists, the book “Rock Cult Monuments in the Border Zone between Second Mysia and Scythia” was published in the publishing house of SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

He introduced her on his personal Facebook profile “Prof. Dean Georgi Atanasov”.

Yesterday, on the eve of NATIONAL AWAKENING DAY, the book “Rock Cult Monuments in the Border Zone between Second Mysia and Scythia. Sanctuaries, Churches and Monasteries” was published by the publishing house of SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In this, along with the rest, there is also something significant, because it was in the monasteries during the Middle Ages that the spiritual potential of Bulgaria was born and grew, and in the rock monasteries, its most famous representatives – St. John of Ril, Saint Father Anthony of Krepcha, Manasius monk in the region of Druster/Silistra, St. Prokhor Pczynski, St. Ioan Osogovski, St. Patriarch Joachim 1, St. Theodosius of Turnovski, himself St. Patriarch Euthymius, etc., etc. – prototypes and inspirers of the Revival Awakeners. In the book, on about 300 pages, 120 illustrations and 8 color plates, you will find both complete information about 114 rock monasteries in North-Eastern Bulgaria and Dobrudja during the First Kingdom /colonies along the dry rivers Kanagyol, Sukha, and Murfatlar/, the Second Kingdom in Provadiyska River and the Black Sea – especially the Aladzha Monastery, but you will be impressed by their predecessors – the monasteries of the 5-6th century along the Black Sea, Sukha Reka, Dumbraveni, etc. – one of the earliest rock monasteries in Europe in general, in which the famous “Scythian monks” probably lived in the 5th-6th centuries. This is not all, because the book begins with the Thraco-Roman rock sanctuaries along the Taban river, commune. Kaynardzha from the 6th century BC – 4th century AD. – probably dedicated to the Thraco-Getic god Zalmoxis, whose priests are a kind of prototypes of monasticism. The book was realized and financed by the project “Borders and cultural models: Paganism and Christianity in the contact zone of the Danube Limes (Lesser Scythia and Second Mysia)”, financed by the “Scientific Research” Fund of the Ministry of Education and Culture and realized by a team of scientists, mainly from SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”, led by Associate Professor Al. Milanova, and others… Prof. Tsv. Stepanov, Prof. Iv. Popova, Dr. Al. Ivanov, Dr. V. Atanasova, Dr. Tsv. Yotov, Dr. r Gabriel Talmachi – Deputy Doctor of the National Museum in Constanta, Romania, and last but not least the author of this book, who thanks them for their dedicated assistance.

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