Plovdiv is a city for workers

Plovdiv is a city for workers
Plovdiv is a city for workers
Slavi Georgiev, municipal councilor from the list of GERB published a position on his Facebook profile in support of Kostadin Dimitrov as mayor of Plovdiv, nominated by the GERB party, saw

Here is what Slavi Georgiev wrote:

Running a city is not like writing a Facebook status or participating in a focus group. Getting to rule a city requires starting at the lowest rung. From the bench, from the sidewalk, from the grandmother in front of the block. To have gone all the way from high expectations, to harsh reality, and to have made many years of effort to change it. And on top of that, you succeeded.

They say it’s easy in Trakia, it’s the newest neighborhood of Plovdiv. They forget that there are newer neighborhoods in Plovdiv, but they don’t look that orderly and welcoming because no effort has been made for them. Plovdiv is facing many problems. And they are universally known.

We can blame them on whoever we want. The transition from the old to the new system, mistakes of previous mayors, the lack of sufficient finances. I know one thing, Plovdiv is not a city for dreamers, Plovdiv is for workers.

Slowly, methodically, together with a cohesive and prepared team. No illusions, no over-expectations, but only with friendly efforts behind the right person.

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