Address from “PP-DB” to the residents of Smolyan

Address from “PP-DB” to the residents of Smolyan
Address from “PP-DB” to the residents of Smolyan

Dear residents of Smolyan municipality,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our fellow citizens who voted for us!

We also thank all those who did not prefer our program and platform, but came out to exercise their right to vote!

We turn to all of you with a few sincere messages – the fruit of our reason, convictions and faith.

Every vote for the candidates of “Continuing the Change – Democratic Bulgaria”, every support we received from a passer-by on Main Street, from the awake residents of the Ustovo quarter, from the few remaining residents of Valchan, from the worried and whispering people working in the municipal administration, from those suffering people at the other end of the nearly eighty-kilometer detour to the village of Mugla, from those drinking water from ancient pipes in Ezerovo and Dunevo quarters obligates our responsibility and ignites our determination for an honest and anti-corruption management of our common affairs.

We are convinced that if we want to be reborn as a community of dignified, free and prosperous citizens, it is necessary to change the spirit and model of governance of our municipality, which has been imposed for the last almost two decades, for which we will work with all our strength as we are promised to our voters since the beginning of our battle for the change for the better in the municipality of Smolyan.

We will continue in the long term to work for complete change in the municipality by being a constructive and uncompromising opposition to any bad, harmful, corrupt and negligent administration that does not protect the public interest and does not contribute to the development of our native region. We will show with our work in the municipal council and outside that we are looking for the good, sustainable and useful moves for our municipality in the field of political decisions and in the field of all the initiatives and activities that we will start to achieve our goal, which remains to let’s bring life back to Smolyan.

Regardless of what will be the final will of the people of Smolensk in the upcoming second round, everyone should be aware that in our person they will find an opponent of any abuse and general carelessness, but also support for any initiative that we see as useful and good.

Respecting the free choice and the democratic right of citizens in the municipality to choose for themselves, we believe that in the runoff each one of you, guided by your moral values ​​and expectations for change, will decide for yourself whether and for whom you will vote and give through your independent and freely vote his support to that candidate who has succeeded in reaching him with his personal, managerial and moral qualities and with his program and priorities.

With the elections held, our struggle for the hard-working, honorable and active people in our municipality to organize themselves in order to become strong and impose a constructive, positive and development-seeking political agenda in our common house is far from over.

On the contrary, it starts now!

We are determined to use the next four years to find, organize and unite more worthy Smolenians, meanwhile being a corrective to all vices and eventually growing all together as one awake and vibrant civil society.

A healthy house tomorrow requires that we lay strong foundations today!

With respect,


MIHAL KAMBAREV, Member of Parliament and candidate for mayor

MIKHAIL TODOROV, newly elected municipal councilor

EMIL KELESHEV, newly elected municipal councilor

IVAYLO TURNALIEV, newly elected municipal councilor

STOYAN MAREV, newly elected municipal councilor

BOYAN SIMEONOV, newly elected municipal councilor


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