It’s a scam, they’re trying to influence the runoff

It’s a scam, they’re trying to influence the runoff
It’s a scam, they’re trying to influence the runoff

Political life in the city hit rock bottom, commented lawyer Georgi Kolev, whose name is also mentioned in the audio

Deputy Mayor Georgi Tityukov sent a report of fraud, defamation and an attempt to influence the results of the runoff in Plovdiv to the prosecutor’s office. He is one of the leaders in the local coalition “United for Plovdiv”, which includes 8 people in the new municipal council.
Earlier, an anonymous 19-second audio recording was released, in which a voice similar to Tityukov’s is heard explaining that 7,000 votes have already been bought and BGN 500,000 is being asked to be distributed to “gypsies”.
Tyutyukov reacted quickly and submitted a 3-page report to the prosecutor’s office. With him were the partners from the coalition Vladimir Kisev from VMRO and Georgi Kolev from ZS “Alexander Stamboliyski”, also mentioned in the record in question. Tityukov was a candidate for mayor of the “Central” district.

“Look now, only we have bought 7,000 votes, Slavcho will do 4,000 and Kolev and Kisiv will do 3 each, we will want two deputy mayors, so don’t worry. Just tell the person that we need another 500,000 for the gypsies, so we can give them away today and that’s it,” the short recording reads. The others mentioned are the leaders of the other 2 major parties in the coalition – Georgi Kolev and Vladimir Kisev.
“I spoke to a criminal lawyer, to an IT specialist, I sent them the recording. According to them, there are two options – one is that it is an impersonator, which is the least likely, the other is that it is a chatbot and therefore this background noise is added to you don’t feel the discontinuity between different words and phrases,” Tityukov said. According to him, it is possible that the recording was created in connection with yesterday’s meeting with Boyko Borisov, after which it became clear that the coalition will support GERB’s candidate Kostadin Dimitrov in the runoff. “I don’t suspect anyone, how can I say I suspect who you are,” Tityukov explained.
Georgi Kolev, who is a lawyer, also described the recording as a fraud. The file was sent from an email address with his name on it. “The problem of Plovdiv’s political life is that today it hit its bottom. And this is only the beginning of this bottom, which will be pushed lower and lower,” he commented. Kolev described Slavcho Atanasov as an “old school” politician who, as soon as he lost the elections, gave up. “That opened this bacchanalia,” he declared. Georgi Kolev indicated that he hopes the law enforcement authorities will quickly identify the author of the recording and added that he personally knows all 260 people who voted preferentially for him.

“For the past 3 months, all the hate in political life has been directed at “United for Plovdiv”. We created this coalition with our parties and names, apparently no one liked that. He saw a threat in us, because we are fighting and will continue to fight we are ruining this vicious model of governance. Apparently, some economic and other type of groupings were afraid of the fact that they would not be able to make the appropriate assembly and conquer Plovdiv”, commented Vladimir Kisyov, who was also mentioned in the recording, on the situation.

Georgi Tityukov told the prosecutor’s office that this was not the first such report. “The interesting thing is that during the election campaign the signals to the OIC were similar. With email names of people from the “United for Plovdiv” coalition against the “United for Plovdiv” coalition, he said.

According to “United for Plovdiv”, creating such a file is easy on the Internet. Georgi Kolev recalled that it has already happened several times that videos in which celebrities promote herbal preparations become popular, and that the video later turns out to be fake.

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