Nikolay Stavrev: “Nikolai Stavrev: There is a deal between GERB and DPS in Haskovo

Nikolay Stavrev: “Nikolai Stavrev: There is a deal between GERB and DPS in Haskovo
Nikolay Stavrev: “Nikolai Stavrev: There is a deal between GERB and DPS in Haskovo

Against the political engineering in the management between GERB and DPS in Haskovo, like-minded people from the KP “Continue the change-Democratic Bulgaria”, KP “BSP for Bulgaria”, KP “We are coming”, KP “Bulgaria of the Regions” and KP “Bulgarian Rise” protested again today “, supporting the candidacy of Nikolay Stavrev, who was nominated as an independent candidate for mayor. At a general briefing, they expressed their concern over the extremely large number of invalid ballots in the first round of voting on October 29, which places the municipality of Haskovo in one of the first places in the country in terms of this negative indicator.

The leader of the “Save Haskovo” list, which participates in the local elections under the registration of “We are coming” and has already been elected as a municipal councilor, Martin Raichev noted a striking difference in the number of invalid ballots in the sections in the city and in the villages. Despite the expected higher error rate, due to the cancellation of the machine vote at the last moment and the voting only on paper, the situation is indeed indicative, since in the villages the invalid votes are many times less than those in the gada.

“The conclusion of this trend is that a lower educated population lives in the city,” Marin Raichev concluded ironically. He cites protocols from the SEC in the “Orpheus” district, from sections located in the PGTAT building and in the “Paisii” school, where the invalid votes are between 20 and 25%. And on the other end, he pointed to sections of villages where the population is mostly DPS sympathizers, such as Teketo, Zornitsa, Galabets. There are 2-3 invalid votes there.

If we don’t fight this way of voting, the DPS will again have many people in key positions in the Municipality, two deputy mayors from the Movement are expected to be appointed and again the acting chief architect of Haskovo will be from the DPS. And this means that in the next four years Haskovo municipality will again be managed by DPS with the support of GERB”, summarized Marin Rachev.

With similar doubts, examples were given by the other political forces. Atanas Atanasov from the “PP-DB” Coalition pointed out that cameras were watching during the counting, as it is clear from the recorded ballots that votes were cast in their support, but this vote is not reflected in the minutes, it disappears. In addition, he witnessed firsthand serious mistakes made when transferring the data into the final protocol – how instead of “thirteen” in words “thirty” was written, for example. That is why Atanasov, who is also on the list of elected representatives for the new municipal council, called on the members of the SIK, when they are most tired at the end of the election day, to be the most attentive and vigilant.

Bogdan Kirilov from the Coalition “BSP for Bulgaria” pointed out that there were also checks made in their pre-election headquarters, which give a premise to believe that there was a bought vote in favor of GERB.

The vote is not kept well, believes Marin Raichev, against the background of the concerns shared by his colleagues.

The candidate for mayor Nikolay Stavrev expects that the vote in the runoff next Sunday will have more real results, if in the end voting is done again by machines. Otherwise, he allows new and more serious manipulations of the runoff for the mayoral seat.

He and his like-minded people appealed to the huge number of people – about 40 thousand from Haskovo, who did not come out to vote last Sunday, including those from DPS, who do not approve of the current policy in the municipality, to cast their vote on November 5 with heart and mind.

“I urge people to vote with machines if possible, because then there will be a chance that the vote will be fairer. Our goal now is to reach as many citizens of Haskovo as possible, in order to get back the bastard for us and our children!”, urged Nikolay Stavrev.

Nikolay Stavrev took part in the runoff for the mayor of Haskovo with number 69.

Buying and selling votes are crimes!

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