The leading news! A scandalous recording of vote buying in Plovdiv has leaked. The Bulgarian state owns the Russian church (and more…)


“We have bought 7,000 votes, Slavcho to do 4,000, Kolev and Kisiv 3,000 each and we are ready. We will want two deputy mayors. Tell the man we need another 500,000 for the gypsies so we can give it out today and that’s it…”

A recording with this content was sent to some media in Plovdiv, with the explanation that it contains the voice of one of the main participants in the local elections in the city under the hills and a long-time deputy mayor in the Municipality of Plovdiv – Georgi Tityukov.

Georgi Tityukov himself commented that this was not his voice and was most likely generated with artificial intelligence.


“More than a month before the elections, I sent a list to DANS asking what are the risks they see related to the elections and what solutions could they propose for them. I never received an answer. The vice-president of DANS sent the report without telling me.

The order is different. This person should have called that there was such a risk, to see what the problem was and if it could not be solved in another way, and then to start this rumor about the machines.

The exact opposite has been done – first the rumor that led to the cancellation of the machine voting bursts,” stressed Nikolay Denkov.

“I have been waiting for several days for a proposal from the chairman of DANS to replace this person, because that is the order. I saw him in person and told him I was waiting for him. He told me he would go over the documents. I will wait for him a little longer”, noted the Prime Minister.


“In the days before election day, we witnessed a new attack on the election process and an attempt to completely destroy trust in the Bulgarian institutions.

The result of the active action of DANS and CEC is 20% invalid ballots throughout the country or 554,525 silenced votes.

To the invalid ballots we add the drastic violations in the protocols”.



An inspection by the prosecutor’s office found that the Bulgarian state is the owner of the church “St. Nicholas of Mirliki the Wonderworker”. However, this must be confirmed by the court.

“We have been referred to take action to restore the property of the Russian Church, because the regional ministry is the competent authority to exercise the property rights of the state. The materials with this case study are quite voluminous. We will look into all the facts and then take appropriate action.”

This was explained during a briefing by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Andrey Tsekov, in connection with the case involving the property of the “Russian Church” in Sofia.


The reasons refer to the expulsion of a foreigner who is refused a visa or entry into the country, because by his actions he has endangered or may endanger international relations, security or the interests of the Bulgarian state or for whom there is information that he is acting against national security.

The man left the territory of Bulgaria today, according to DANS. He was summoned on September 29 to deliver the warrant to the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, and later to the DANS building. He refuses to appear and is hiding on the territory of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria, according to the security service.


For cash payments between citizens, the amount should not exceed 5,000 lei (2,000 BGN) per day. This is also the daily limit for payments between a legal entity and an individual. For payments between companies, the limit per day is 1,000 lei (400 BGN). The daily limit for the maximum cash availability of companies is 50,000 lei (20,000 BGN). Otherwise, the state imposes a fine of 25 percent of the amount with which it is this limit is exceeded.


Hmm. And Kyiv – for three days…


The Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU) have destroyed a Russian ZALA drone with a direct hit from the US-supplied HIMARS rocket launcher system, reports “RBK-Ukraine”, referring to a message from the Operational Command “West” on the social network Facebook.


As a result of the samples taken, no traces of fentanyl or methamphetamine were found in Perry’s system.

However, more in-depth tests are ongoing to determine whether the actor was free of any other type of drugs and whether the drugs he was taking were dosed correctly.

The final results will be ready in 4 or 6 months, and only then will the medical examiner announce the official cause of Matthew Perry’s death.


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