They discover Nebet Tepe before Christmas, the place is unrecognizable

They discover Nebet Tepe before Christmas, the place is unrecognizable
They discover Nebet Tepe before Christmas, the place is unrecognizable
The Nebet Tepe site was discovered in December, before Christmas, the program announced “Colors of Bulgaria” by Radio “Focus” the head of the project “Along the fortress walls of Filipopol” Tanya Petkova. It is planned to take place on December 18, with a lavish show.

Preliminary plans for the opening in November fell through due to unforeseen archaeology, Petkova said. As a result, the National Institute of National Statistics delayed the protocols, and without them the builders cannot continue to work.

“The flooring is also being laid more slowly, the work is touchy. And in principle, the construction and installation works should be finished by the end of March, but they will be finished ahead of schedule,” said Petkova.

She claims that the place is very different, unrecognizable even. There are new buildings made to look authentic, according to the architects’ drawings.

A tourist center will be located in Bakalovat Kashta.

“It’s just a shame that the current mayor, who started the project, won’t be able to finish it, and he wanted it so much,” added Tanya Petkova.

The archaeologist of the site Sofia Hristeva explained that she left the site since August, after she finished her work there. There’s new stuff, but it’s not something that hasn’t already been talked about. What was littered with trash and vegetation has been cleared. “Archaeology in no way slows down the work on the project,” Hristeva pointed out. She hinted that she didn’t like some things, but she didn’t interfere in the design work. Otherwise, everything is fine, there will be a fence that will not prevent access to the site. Work is underway on the project of arch. Rumiana Proikova from 2011, which has been slightly updated, adding the new structures that have been revealed.

Arch. For now, Rumiana Proikova refrains from commenting on whether everything about the project has been done as it should be, and she is not quite sure whether the object can really be opened in December. “I don’t want to comment,” she said.

According to the director of the Regional Archaeological Museum, Kostadin Kisyov, the restoration of the project “Along the fortress walls of Filipopol”, which also includes the Eastern Gate, is finally accepted by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Culture, with representatives of the National Archaeological Museum, and with the participation of the archaeologist of the site itself The restoration activities of the Eastern Gate have already been completed, and these days the reception committee is there, Kisiv also said. The two objects are being built according to projects – for Nebet Tepe by architect Rumyana Proikova, and for the Eastern Gate by architect Galya Pirovska. Both are former employees of the National Institute of National Statistics.

“The archaeologists from our museum make sure that there are no violations during the construction. But the restoration itself is not accepted by us,” explained Kostadin Kisiv.

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