The Cabinet approved the purchase of Stryker combat vehicles


The Council of Ministers adopted the report of the Minister of Defense for approval of a draft international contract BU-B-UCP ​​”Acquisition of Stryker combat vehicles” under the US Foreign Military Sales Program.

The report also aims to authorize an official to conduct negotiations and sign the contract. This should happen after the adoption by the National Assembly of the Investment Expenditure Project “Acquisition of basic combat equipment for the construction of battalion combat groups from the composition of a mechanized brigade”.

The implementation of the contract will allow in a short period of time to overcome part of the deficit of capabilities in the Ground Forcesspecified by MS.

According to the Law on International Treaties of Bulgaria, this draft international treaty must be approved by the government and a designated official authorized to sign it on the part of Bulgaria. Subsequent ratification of the contract by the National Assembly is foreseen, which is a condition for its entry into force.

Tagarev assured: The new war machines are not more expensive than $1.376 billion.

The machines must enter the ranks of the Bulgarian Army by 2028

On the occasion of the order, part of the modernization of the Bulgarian army, there were contradictions in the parliament, including opposition from deputies from “We continue the change”.

We remind you that even before the pre-election vacation of the deputies, Todor Tagarev asked the deputies to quickly approve the order for the purchase of the machines. This was the occasion for Delyan Peevski, already co-chairman of the PG of the DPS, to state that a minister cannot command what the people’s elected representatives will do.


Fire on Tagarev by GERB and DPS

The reason for this was the minister’s statement about the Stryker combat vehicles.

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