Ivanka Vaklinova and Galina Mizova brought new glory to PG “Ivan S. Aksakov” | PZdnes

Ivanka Vaklinova and Galina Mizova brought new glory to PG “Ivan S. Aksakov” | PZdnes
Ivanka Vaklinova and Galina Mizova brought new glory to PG “Ivan S. Aksakov” | PZdnes

On the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture, page “Programs and projects“, NP “Ensuring a modern, safe and accessible educational environment”, module “Cultural institutions as an educational environment” for the academic year 2022-2023, the results of The national competition for teachers for the best lesson held in a cultural institution.

On first place Ivanka Vaklinova – director of PG “Ivan S. Aksakov”, who fulfills her teaching norm by teaching Bulgarian language and literature, and Galina Mizova – senior teacher of biology and health education were ranked. The integrated lesson on a topic “Man and Nature in the Spiral of Life”, was held in “Stanislav Dospevski” Art Gallery – Pazardzhik. The educational content of BEL and biology and health education was skillfully integrated into the lesson, so that the students could deeply and broadly consider the topic and reach general conclusions about the human essence and about the alienation between man and nature, appreciate the role of man in conservation of biodiversity and the natural environment through an analytical reading of the literary text of the story “The Gentle Spiral” by Yordan Radichkov and of the scientific information researched and summarized by the students themselves. The work of the teams of students “Literators”, “Scientific ecologists” and “Psychologists” was exceptionally good, who with great attention, concentration and accuracy performed the tasks set by the team of teachers and presented the results in an impressive way.

In the work of the first team, the emphasis was placed on the magical face of nature in the first part of the story, the image of the rose bush, the memory of Metodi Andonov and his meeting with the rose bush, discovery and interpretation of the connection between the text of the story and Petya Dubarova’s poem. Murder”, the image of the dove as a bearer of a deep mythological memory and one of the symbols of the natural order and the episode with the death of the dove, the mastery of the writer Yordan Radichkov.

The second team focused on essential knowledge about the sustainability and durability of the forest as an ecosystem, the disturbances and catastrophes caused by anthropogenic factors, as well as the state of the biocenosis and relationships between the populations in it, in particular the wild pigeon population.

A variant of the summaries was proposed by the students of the team of psychologists, using different colors to illustrate the different emotional states caused by the impact of the literary text. The results showed that students have developed a sensitivity and responsible attitude towards nature and that human encroachment on it outrages them.

Object visualization was widely used in the lesson: bursting a balloon for a shot, a thread of red yarn for the trickle of blood from the shot pigeon, etc., which made the meaning of the text even deeper and the emotional impact stronger. The proposed homework was in sync with the expected learning outcomes of the subjects: Find out what bird protection organizations there are in Bulgaria. Frame your research as a public statement on a civic issue.

Teachers – creators and innovators who teach and educate their grown students with dedication, patience, faith and love.

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