SHOCKING DISCLOSURES: Minister Iolovski admitted to the deputies that he was blackmailed by Kiro and Bojanov to give power to his deputy Stoinov

SHOCKING DISCLOSURES: Minister Iolovski admitted to the deputies that he was blackmailed by Kiro and Bojanov to give power to his deputy Stoinov
SHOCKING DISCLOSURES: Minister Iolovski admitted to the deputies that he was blackmailed by Kiro and Bojanov to give power to his deputy Stoinov

PP-DB MPs Kiril Petkov and Bozhidar Bojanov forced the Minister of Electronic Management, Alexander Yolovski, to transfer the rights for the certification of the machines to his deputy, Mihail Stoinov, a party functionary of the DB. Jolovski did not choose him, but was forced upon him by the two MPs from the PP-DB, writes. Stoinov messed up the machine code scandal, which forced the Central Electoral Commission-CEC to cancel the machine voting.

This was announced by the frightened minister to the deputies of the chairman’s council under the head of the parliament Rosen Zhelyazkov, reported those present at the meeting.

Since yesterday, by order of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office, the Minister of Electronic Government, Alexander Yolovski, and his family have been guarded by the NSO due to threats and extortion by Kiril Petkov and his predecessor and current PP-DB MP Bozhidar Bojanov. According to unofficial information – because of public procurement.

The scandal, which the pro-government media has been ignoring for several days, broke out on Friday. The meeting of the second presidential council took place after Rosen Zhelyazkov read to the deputies the DANS report on the actions of the deputy minister of e-government Mihail Stoinov, who photographed with his phone the algorithm of the source code of the voting machines and exported it to a flash drive, stating to those present that he wanted to “play with him”. According to’s sources, Stoinov’s “games” were issued by a “cover agent” of DANS in the Ministry of Electronic Management-MEU.

After the scandal broke out, the people’s representatives summoned the head of the CEC and Minister Jolovski. After the end of the council, ITN deputy Toshko Yordanov announced that the minister shared that Kiril Petkov threatened him to direct BGN 640 million from public procurement to his friendly companies and those of the former minister of e-government Bozhidar Bojanov. The money is from the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Petkov asked him in a threatening voice: “Do you have children!??” and the minister considered this as a threat.

But besides that Yolovski explained to the people’s representatives that he was pressured to authorize the party member from DB Stoinov to certify the machines.

Last night, in a commissioned interview for PP-DB Nova TV, the owner of Siela, the company that supplies the scandalous Madurovki for millions of BGN, Ivan Todorov explained that the CEC members were to blame for the scandal, who did not call Minister Yolovski to sign the certification of the machines. Otherwise everything was fine.

This is an outright lie, say experts. Exactly the opposite. Long before the elections, the members of the CEC have repeatedly spoken to Yolovski that he should take up this task, and not transfer the powers to his deputy Stoinov, who demonstrated incompetence and arrogance. In its ruling on the machines, the Supreme Administrative Court indicated that Yolovski had no right to authorize Stoinov, thus breaking the law.

The minister, clearly under pressure, replied to the CEC that he could not certify the machines, because before becoming one, he led the state company “Information Service” and would have been in a conflict of interest. However, “Information Service” has nothing to do with the process of machine certification, which is carried out by experts of the MEU and the Institutes of Standardization and Metrology.

Something more. At the Presiding Council of the National Assembly, Yolovski was again invited to certify the machines, but he again refused.

In front of the head of the CEC, Kamelia Neikova, and the deputies, the minister announced that he would immediately send a letter to the commission that the certification of the machines was not finished and they were not ready.

This happens at the end of the meeting in the National Assembly, at 4 p.m. And “walking on the torments” begins. CEC has been waiting for the letter from MEU for a few hours, Neikova has spoken with Iolovski on the phone several times, who promises that “hey now, in a few minutes” he will be ready, but he is late. And finally sends it a few hours late.

Apparently, pressure was exerted on him by Petkov and Bojanov and on the phone by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, who was in Brussels at the time.

This forced the committee, by an overwhelming majority of 13 to 2 votes, to decide to overturn the machine vote. Because there is no document on the suitability of the machines for the elections and the MEU is not ready.

In addition to the 640 million BGN, Yolovski told the people’s representatives how he was pressured by Petkov and Bojanov to secure an order for the latter’s companies for 1 million BGN, and if this service is performed by the state company “Information Service” it will cost no more from BGN 60,000.

Because of all this information Toshko Yordanov, Grozdan Karadjov and other ITN MPs are suing the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office. On Saturday, agents of the anti-corruption commission call in Jolovski for questioning. Yesterday it became clear that the SGP found enough evidence of the threats to Yolovski and assigned him security from the NSO. It is not clear whether Kiril Petkov and Bojanov were interrogated. And if not, why?

On Friday night, the scandalous Deputy Minister Stoinov, after being questioned by the DANS, gave a press conference at which he claimed that he had already certified the machines and everything was fine.

And meanwhile, without the CEC’s permission, the Ministry of the Interior released 7,238 voting machines from the strictly guarded warehouse, which are leaving for the country. Despite the election commission’s decision that there will be no machine voting.

The question arises, did the owner of Ciela, the private company that oversees the country’s elections, know that the machines were not certified because of the minister’s stubborn refusal to do so?

And if he knew, why did he run the machines without the CEC’s permission? Is this related to the actions of Deputy Minister Stoinov, who behaves like a cowboy in a bar?

And finally. Will Prime Minister Denkov appear in front of selected media again to share his thoughts on the scandal with the machines, to pour lies and ridiculous accusations? Will he comment on how PP-DB MPs blackmail his subordinate minister? The silence of Yolovski himself on the extortion scandal is strange. Will he come forward to say what exactly he’s being blackmailed for? And why was he assigned security.

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