A truck with migrants got stuck during a race with the police in Yambolsko


They captured a truck with migrants after a chase in YambolskoNova TV reports.

Around 6:45 a.m. today, on the main road I-7 in the area of ​​Topolovgrad, border police noticed a truck moving towards Elhovo. They immediately went after him, giving him a sound and light signal to stop. However, the driver did not obey the police order.

The truck was also followed by a second border police unit from GPU-Elhovo and a police car patrol. In an attempt to escape, the truck entered the Yambol village of Kukorevo, where it got stuck and was detained.

The 55-year-old driver from Sofia tried to escape, but was caught detained with the help of a service dog.

They were found in the cargo compartment 12 illegal migrants without identity documents. They claim to be from Syria.

Record influx of migrants to Bulgaria

A ban on the entry of cars with Russian registration is expected

Work on the case continues.

We remind you that last week the Director of the Main Directorate “Border Police”, Commissioner Anton Zlatanov, informed that since the beginning of the year, 165,000 attempts to enter our country illegally have been prevented.

According to him, for the same period last year, the cases were 120,000, which shows a huge increase.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs intercepted 47,000 attempts at illegal migration at the border with Turkey in two months

Attempts to cross the borders with Serbia and Romania are decreasing

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